MLB 2011 Season in Review: Greatest Moments from 2011

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MLB 2011 Season in Review: Greatest Moments from 2011
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The 2011 MLB season officially came to an end with the St. Louis Cardinals beating the Texas Rangers in Game 7 of the 2011 World Series.

It was a series that will undoubtedly go down in the annals of baseball history as one of the most intense and exciting ever, and it was a very fitting end to a year of baseball that is definitely worth remembering.

The final out marked the end of a great season that featured more than one memorable moment. Even though the play on the diamond is done, the memories will stick with us baseball fans for a very long time.

2011 was a season that saw incredible performances from some big name pitchers, hitters and teams.

We saw no-hitters, record breaking moments, walk-off home runs and games that will forever go down as classics.

More than one young star was born, but even the veterans stepped up to show us that the old guard is still alive and well.

One thing we do know is that if 2012 is anything like the 2011 season, we are in for quite a treat.

As a service to you, the reader, we here at the Bleacher Report Sports Writing Internship have reminisced about some of the greatest moments of 2011.

Whether it's Derek Jeter or Jim Thome setting records with their bats, Justin Verlander dominating the league with his rocket arm or one of the most exciting and dramatic finishes to the season we have seen in a long time.

There was a lot to love about the 2011 MLB season.

Feel free to enjoy, comment and chime in with your favorite moments of the year that was 2011 in Major League Baseball.


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