Georgia Newsflash: Asher Allen Played With Broken Hand, Coaches Look to Future

Daniel SpratlinContributor IDecember 11, 2008

Defensive coordinator Willie Martinez revealed something about cornerback Asher Allen today: For the final third of the season, Allen played with a broken hand.

Meanwhile, Mark Richt says he’s “rooting” for Rodney Garner to land the Auburn head coaching job.  “What a wonderful opportunity to be considered at your alma mater in the Southeastern Conference and a great program in Auburn.”

Garner isn’t the only UGA coach looking to move up in the world.  Running backs coach Tony Ball has said that he will interview for the head coaching job at Chattanooga.  “Chattanooga is where I was born and raised.  To me, it’s a tremendous opportunity.”  (Kentucky quarterback coach Randy Sanders is also interested in the position.)