WWE Vengeance 2011: Is the Randy Orton Feud Ruining Cody Rhodes?

Graham GSM MatthewsFeatured ColumnistNovember 3, 2011

Cody Rhodes bags Randy Orton on Raw
Cody Rhodes bags Randy Orton on Raw

At the dawn of the new decade, the split of the once-solid Legacy was imminent, as both Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were getting on the bad side of leader Randy Orton following the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event. A few weeks following these falling-outs, Orton surprisingly attacked both second generation superstars, much to the liking of the audience.

From there, Randy Orton would go on to solidify himself amongst the top faces in the entire company, while DiBiase would slowly fade out into obscurity in the Raw mid-card. Coincidentally, Cody Rhodes was sent packing to Friday nights, a part of the 2010 WWE supplemental draft, who was subsequently repackaged into a breakout singles star.

Since then, Rhodes has been enjoying his well-deserved reign as Intercontinental champion, resurrecting the original belt while proclaiming himself as the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time. While I still think that statement has yet to be seen, I do indeed admit Rhodes has proven himself as a future world champion given his immensely improved in-ring and mic skills over the past year and a half.

However, Cody Rhodes has recently had his past come back to haunt him with Orton seeking "vengeance" against the Intercontinental champion. Last month, Orton unceremoniously attacked Rhodes severely during their bout on SmackDown, forcing the masked superstar to endure a number of staples in his head due to the massive bleeding that night.

A few weeks ago, Rhodes made his issues with Orton publicly known on an episode of Raw when the IC champ shamelessly embarrassed the Viper by placing a bag over his head in front of millions of viewers. Unfortunately, this would be the first and final instance as of now that Rhodes has received any momentum in this feud against Orton.

After demolishing Rhodes on numerous occasions in the weeks leading up to the Vengeance event, I fully expected Orton to job for the third consecutive pay-per-view by allowing the son of Dusty Rhodes to go over. Obviously, I spoke too soon, as Orton went on to once again bury Rhodes at the pay-per-view despite interference from Rhodes' baggers at ringside.

Not only that, but the anticipated performance from these two former Legacy members certainly fell flat from what I originally expected. It's no secret both superstars can work given their great chemistry, but exposing this contest on television a handful of times before the show really put a limit on how well they would shine.

Despite all this, the question still remains: Is Cody Rhodes' rivalry with Randy Orton ruining the Intercontinental champion?

Personally, I think it's merely just a bump in the road for Rhodes, who will surely bounce back and continue to prove himself to the higher-ups that be over on SmackDown. Of course, the Intercontinental Championship doesn't suffer at the least from this feud, but it would be nice to see Rhodes successfully retain against the Apex Predator at some point, even if it was by the use of dirty tactics.

If booked correctly, the remainder of this rivalry could quite possibly launch the former dashing one into his first World Championship program at the start of 2012, setting the stage for the most important run of his career. Orton has absolutely nothing to gain by going over in this well-structured feud, so what's just one loss to a credible heel like Cody Rhodes?

Thanks for reading, Bleachers, and make sure to drop a comment regarding your thoughts on the on-going rivalry between the Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes and the controversial Randy Orton. As always, your overall feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated.

GSM out.

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