Rangers-Thrashers: Scott Gomez Drops The Gloves and Drops The Puck In OT

Charlie GoldsteinContributor IDecember 11, 2008

Scott Gomez has been frustrated, and who could blame him? 

The game against Atlanta didn't pick up until Scott Gomez—of all guys!—dropped the gloves. 

Yes, it was only considered a roughing penalty, but everyone saw Ilya Kovalchuk wiping the blood away as he skated to the box. 

The Rangers have been lucky at best in their last stretch of games.  Line changes, bad power plays, and no scoring!

I'm a die-hard—I don't miss a game.  When the Rangers came out this season it was awesome, I watched as they trampled the competition. 

Then November came. What the hell happened??

Scott Gomez was out for a few games with an injury, maybe it was during that time that he saw the way his team was playing.  It's obvious that Gomez, Drury, and Lundqvist are frustrated—so what are they going to to about it? Time for leaders to be Leaders!

Scott Gomez is not a fighter—but if he wants to throw a few more punches, I'm all in favor of it.  His interest in boxing has obviously made an impact, and it can't hurt that he's beating up the other team's best players!

Scott, that's a fight in my book.  Way to snag that goal to win the game!

Now let's win a few before the end of regulation.