2008 Heisman Winner Will Be Determined By Second-Place Votes

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

The Heisman trophy may very well be decided this year by second-place votes instead of first. The top three candidates are highly likely to split the first place votes pretty evenly. Thus, it will be the second and third place votes that should decide the Heisman trophy.

I have to believe that if this is the case, Sam Bradford has an advantage for two reasons.  The first is every voter or reporter I have seen that has published his ballot, when they haven't had Bradford number one, they always have him second and never third. When Tebow or McCoy are one, the other is almost always third and sometimes not on the ballot at all.

The second reason is that McCoy and Tebow are extremely similar. They both have huge hearts and can will their teams to a win. Tebow is a better runner and McCoy is a better passer, but they are very similar quarterbacks.  They seem to be very similar off the field as well.

So, if you are a voter who likes a player with a great heart and determination, your options are split more evenly.  If you're a voter who believes in production over all else, the decision is much less muddy.

Based on what I have seen, Sam Bradford will win the Heisman by dominating the second-place votes in the ballots, even though he may have fewer first-place votes than Tebow or McCoy.