Denver Broncos: It's Brady Quinn Time (Well, Not Really)

Charlie LightContributor IIOctober 30, 2011

Tim Tebow narrowly escaped the Miami Dolphins' defense last week, but he didn't have the same luck this week against Detroit.
Tim Tebow narrowly escaped the Miami Dolphins' defense last week, but he didn't have the same luck this week against Detroit.Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Forgive us, America, for we have sinned.

Remember earlier this season, just after the Denver Broncos' season opening loss to the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football?  

Yes, well, for the weeks after that, Denver fans clamored for Tim Tebow to be put in at quarterback instead of Kyle Orton. The coaching staff happily obliged, albeit for only a few plays per game.

Even after Orton's Week 2 win against the Cincinnati Bengals, in which he recorded two touchdown passes and a 111.3 QB rating, the campaigning for Tebow went on.  

After the Broncos' slide starting in Week 3, and a few pathetic performances by Orton, we found ourselves at the ridiculously hyped "Decision Day" prior to the Week 6 bye.

Um, guys, you're destined for the cellar of the AFC West, maybe you can pop in some old John Elway tapes and just watch those?

To be clear, I'm not challenging the coaching staff's decision to put Tebow in at QB.  But what I'm saying is, I'm embarrassed as a Denver native.  

Everyone knew Tebow—before he even started a single NFL game—was an average quarterback. There's no need to worship this man, or devote hours of the day lobbying for him to start against the pitiful Miami Dolphins (0-6 entering this weekend, by the way).  

Tebow goes on to throw two touchdowns against Miami, and suddenly "Tebowing" is the newest thing, and we've got our return to glory?.  Please, Lord, have mercy on us.

I understand where the Tebow fanatics are coming from.  Back in the days of Elway, the Broncos were one of the best teams in the league.  After years of Brian Grieses and Jay Cutlers, we're ready to go back to the glory days.  

The problem?  Denver doesn't have a studly, Hall-of-Fame-bound QB.  So the fans invented one.  These desperate fans brainwashed themselves into thinking Tebow can play at twice the level we know he can for an entire NFL career and lead Denver to a few Super Bowls, just like Elway in the good ol' days.

Kyle Orton is going nowhere, he's old, but Tebow's young. He's the answer.

The Tebowers will defend their demigod with, "Come on, who else could lead such a miraculous comeback like Tebow did in Miami?"

Well, first off, it's the Dolphins we're talking about. Hardly any team had seen the NFL version of Tebow, and thus had very little film to study on his throwing patterns, scrambling tendencies, etc.  The Detroit Lions, with only one full game as a reference on Tebow, are already shutting him down in the first half of this week's game.  

Though Denver fans will never let go of the Elway teams, we've got to learn to not fall for any young, charismatic player that can toss a ball a few yards and celebrate his touchdowns in a memorable way.