Mayweather-Pacquiao: The True Clash of the Titans

Daniel MarksContributor IDecember 11, 2008

What will be seen before us is a boxing dream match come true that should, and may very well, live up to all of its hype. We would have two superstar combatants at the very apex of boxing's pecking order, risking it all, going toe-to-toe for the most highly coveted crown of them all..."best pound-for-pound fighter in all of boxing."

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, in their own rights, have earned for themselves very established credentials. They've had, between them, some of the world's most notable bouts, and have shown class all the while, inside and outside of the ring.

If indeed a fight like Pacquiao/Mayweather could be had, it would bring into question the skills paramount in both fighters that could be a boon or bane to their, 'til now, most pristine careers. 

Whilst it would be a given that both fighters would give and receive punches to the very best of their abilities, there are some aspects that should be well noted to have this fight last longer than three rounds. 

Firstly, all the world would agree that the "Pretty Boy" will have to fight (real hard) to keep his devilishly good looks. This means that he will have to open up, and in the interim, he must secure himself against being outhustled by Pacquiao. 

The "Pacman" as Pacquiao is so aptly called will not let Mayweather rest, even as he would vie feverishly not to be unsettled in of the awesome defenses of the Pretty Boy's movement and his own quest to land his superb straight left hand.

When analyzing a great fighter such as Mayweather, we very quickly come to the realization that relieving a fighter of his planned strategies is a major part of the Mayweather game. And please don't let the defence fool ya'. Once the Pretty Boy comes in sync with the timing of the Pacman, "all hell can break loose."

With viciously swift well placed and timed right hands, and tightly bonded left hooks, it now becomes an all-night feeding frenzy with Mayweather methodically picking the Pacman apart with a classic two-three combination set.

The downside to Mayweather's defence, however, is when a fighter sticks and moves instead of relentlessly attacking, thereby pressing directly up the middle. This movement is in exact momentum as that of which Pacquiao implemented in his take down of Oscar De La Hoya.

By pressing, stalking, sticking, and moving, Pacquiao was able to maintain his range of attack, which frustrated Oscar and made him reluctant to fire out of the fear that Pacquiao would have countered him for reaching.        

But wait! There is something that puts the Pretty Boy in a league of his own. It is that of his training regimen. He is taught to have pinpoint accuracy, which causes him to change his rhythm and dictate the pace of a fight, so much so that it renders opponents baffled.

No where is this most prevalent than in the Corrales fight, where he lead with the left hook which caught Chico by surprise sending him to the canvas a resounding five times. Then there were the four straight right hands that Gotti ate; on second thought Gotti was eating rights hands all night, right up until the fight was stopped.

Floyd Jr. is an accurate shooter, who can lead with any number of punches, including the jab that found its way to the mid-section of the "Super One" Zab Judah. The potential problem with Floyd in this fight could very well become him damaging his brittle hands, which have always been a known problem.

This could prove to be a major obstacle in facing a fighter like Pacman who's always has his guns blazing.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, has never faced a fighter as gifted as Mayweather, yet he always seems to rise to the occasion. His speed and agility may pose a problem for the aging Mayweather.

One thing is for sure, Pacman will bring the leather, spearing very little in the way of four and five punch combinations in contrast with Floyd's style, accuracy and timing.  Pacquiao could win in the early exchanges by forcing Floyd to pony up and chase him.

This could tend to favor the busier fighter (Pacquiao). All things being as they are, this fight would be one of seismic proportions. One that will, in no doubt, be hailed as one of the greatest fights in the history of mankind...