UFC 137 Results: Nick Diaz Will Be Next UFC Superstar

Brandon ChillingworthCorrespondent IIOctober 30, 2011

At UFC 137, Nick Diaz squared off against former UFC champion BJ Penn. Diaz was the former Strikeforce welterweight champion and this was his first fight since Strikeforce was acquired by the UFC.

Nick Diaz looked very good in beating BJ Penn and Diaz fight George St.Pierre in his next fight for the UFC welterweight championship.

Diaz lost the first round of the fight, as Penn won a few boxing exchanges and took Diaz down to the mat once.

The rest of the fight was all Nick Diaz.

Diaz showed exceptional boxing skill, mixing strikes to the head and body. He used his range very well, keeping Penn on the end of his punches. Nick showed good footwork and was able to cut off the octagon for most of the fight.

George St. Pierre has been a great champion, but eventually he and all of the other seemingly invincible champions will lose.

Nick Diaz has a skill set that matches up very well with St. Pierre. He has good boxing, a top level ground game and exceptional cardio.

GSP likes to mix up strikes and take fighters down, where he stays in their guard and tries to hold them down while landing punches. Nick Diaz is active off of his back and has one of the best guards in the division. It will be interesting to see if George will want to take the fight to the ground and end up in Diaz's lethal guard.

St. Pierre is continuously improving his stand up game, but still doesn't have the level of boxing that Nick Diaz has. GSP is usually the better conditioned fighter, but Diaz will also have the advantage in that discipline.

If Nick Diaz could be on the path to super-stardom if he beats St. Pierre.

His attitude alone will build up fights and sell a lot of pay-per-views. Floyd Mayweather has trash talked his way into millions of dollars over the years, and Nick Diaz has the same style to do it. Some fans will pay to see Diaz win and some will pay to see him lose—but all that matters is that they're paying.

Nick Diaz is an all-around mixed martial artist and has all of the skills to be the face of the division. Fighters like him are why people want to get into MMA in the first place.

Diaz is an athlete, but not a freak like most of the champions in the UFC. He doesn't have incredible speed, size or power. Nick wins by being the more talented fighter and the better all around martial artist.

Dana White loves controversy, and Diaz is full of it. He has what it takes to be the next UFC superstar and is on the right track to do it. A win against GSP will rocket Nick Diaz into super-stardom and possibly into MMA history books.