Ferrari's Saviour Has Arrived

Will OldakerContributor IDecember 11, 2008

2008, what a year for Formula 1. It had everything we had wanted for so long; action, drama, bravery, agony and ectasy.

One thing that this year had unwittingly shone light upon though, was the moral victory of Felipe Massa.

The young Brazilian had taken much criticism since he joined Ferrari, that he was too erratic and was given the Ferrari seat because his manager just happened to be Jean Todt's son.

But this season he has shown us the driver he really is. Blasting out of the shadows of teammate Kimi Raikkonen, he put in several stunning performances, and if not for the harshest of luck at both Hungary and Singapore, probably would have won the 2008 World Championship quite convincingly.

But I'm not writing to hark on about this season past and about how Ferrari failed Felipe like so many believe. I am writing because Ferrari have found a saviour.

A man who puts the honour of Ferrari before his own inhibitions and dreams. A selfless disciple who can take defeat graciously and victory in boundless excitement and passion.

For years, a character of such has evaded us, as we grew used to the figure of Michael Schumacher being the poster boy for Ferrari, who was a very restrained figure on the rostrum.

We got the blinding dominance, but where was the happiness? The joy of taking victory for the most proud and passionate team in all of Formula 1.

When we all think back to a real Ferrari hero, we think of Gilles Villeneuve or Jean Alesi. Men who may not have been all conquering, but gave the crowd such excitement with their flamboyance and daring.

Felipe is the new messiah of the Tifosi. A fantastic character who is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve or show the world the pride he feels to be part of Scuderia Ferrari.

Felipe is sure to be a champion, but in a lot of F1 fans hearts, including mine, he already is. What other driver could have shown his pride in the face of a demoralising defeat?

Bravo, Felipe. Don't ever change.