UFC Fight for the Troops—Razak Al-Hassan: AAAAAHHHHH!

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UFC Fight for the Troops—Razak Al-Hassan: AAAAAHHHHH!

Razak Al-Hassan‘s career in the UFC began with a few cheers from the military personal that filled the Fort Bragg complex to watch the UFC Fight Night. It ended with everyone in attendance yelling, “AAAAHHHHH!”

Here is a little geometry of anatomy lesson: the human arm isn’t meant to bend past 180 degrees. Sure, there are a few people that have something called hyper-flexibility which allows their joints to bend far past the average person, of course most of these people are in Cirque de Soleil.

Opponent Steve Cantwell mounted Al-Hassan late in the first round. Al-Hassan raised his arms to defend the strikes that were raining down on him. Cantwell isolated the arm, rotated to an arm bar and dropped. The arm bar was solid and deep, but Al-Hassan didn't tap.

Instead Al-Hassan rotated and tried to spin out of the armbar, Cantwell stayed with it and rolled back to his own back, pulling harder. The image was enough to create a sound in the head of all spectators as Al-Hassan's arm popped past 180 degrees, ending closer to 270 degrees.

The ref broke the fighters up (no pun intended). Al-Hassan had a confused look as though he were fine. He was not. The instant replay revealed the arm popping backwards. For those that saw Frank Mir break Tim Sylvia's arm: it was not that subtle. It wasn't just a little pop. Al-Hassan's arm swung backwards like a saloon door.

Got the stomach to see the arm bar? View it here. The angle isn't as good as the replay, but that might spare some nightmares.

Fans nation wide that have basis submission, or human anatomy, understanding reacted something like this: "Nice arm bar, this should be over...wait, he isn't tapping...oh god, oh jesus...what the...AAAAAHHHHH!!! TAP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!"

Message to Al-Hassan: TAP G** D*** IT! There is no pride in breaking your arm! Don't be stupid. That goes for all fighters that think there is shame in tapping out. Just f***ing tap!

While the official results of the injury haven't been released yet, it doesn't look like Al-Hassan will be fighting in the UFC (or anywhere else) for quite a while.

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