Dale Hartt Gets Victory and Respect at UFC: Fight For The Troops

Uncle-Joe SCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

Standing at 5'8", weighing in at 156 Lbs. and holding a record of 5-1, Dale Hartt stepped into the Octagon on December 10th, looking for his first UFC victory.  His opponent; 2-1 6'4" Corey Hill.  Hartt left the Octagon with the win, and maybe a little bit more.

The fight started off with Hartt's very first strike, an inside leg-kick, landing to Hill's groin.  Hill shrugged the hit off, the two touched gloves for a second time, and the fight continued.  The first round was somewhat uneventful, ending up on the ground, with little movement, and the crowed booing.

The fight changed drastically just 10 seconds into the second round, when Hill threw a low outside leg kick.  Hart checked the kick, and on contact, Hill's leg snapped, and swung around like rubber tire.  Hill fell down on the leg, and Hartt, without knowing what happened, went to try to finish the fight.  After much yelling from Joe Rogan, Referee Donny Jesup Stopped the fight.

Hartt got up, with a look of dissapointment in his eyes, but it wasn't till he turned back to look at his opponent, that he realized what had happened.  Hartt's eyes got wide, as he walked over to Hill, but Jesup pushed him aside.

At the official announcement, Dale Hartt's hand was raised, but his head was hung.  Hartt showed that he truly did not want to win, in the fashion which he did.  "I wanted to beat him with every bit of my heart, but I don't want to see him like this" said Hartt as he spoke to Rogan after the fight. 

Along with respect to his opponent, Hartt gave thanks to Marcus Davis, and Extreme Courture, as well as showing his love for the UFC, saying it was the biggest day of his life.  Hartt gains his first UFC victory, and possibly the respect of every individual who watched the fight.

Congratulations, Dale Hartt, the UFC could use more people like you.

For those that missed the fight, it can be seen for a short time at www.UFC.com, or at http://www.myvideofight.com/video/ufc/ufn-16-dale-hartt-vs-corey-hill/index.html



Corey Hill underwent surgery to repair his leg, and will be out of commission for 12 to 18 months.