BYU-Boise State: Broncos Can’t Keep Coug Shooters Down

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

BYU put on a shooting clinic tonight, and boy, was it fun to watch.

The first half of this game was what most people probably expected with it being a close game. Every time BYU pulled away a little bit, Boise came back to within a few. It was exciting all the way until the second half started, and then the fun began.

BYU just started shooting lights out. Had Boise St. been able to keep a handle on the ball and not turn it over so much, it may have been a slightly different story. But obviously that didn’t happen. BYU came down the court and almost every time that ball hit the bottom of the net. It was a shooter’s dream to watch.

Their passes were crisp, they were giving up good shots for better shots, and everyone had a hot hand. At one point they were shooting near 80 percent in the second half, and a lot of those were threes. It was nice to see everyone getting in on the fun too.

The defense is what has impressed me in previous games, but tonight the offense took center stage. It is so much fun to watch this team because they are just that: a team. They are all out to win, and not for personal accolades.

They also have very sure hands. Any number of players can bring the ball up the court with confidence. This allows for all kinds of fast breaks and open shots because the other team is not able to set up and get ready, and that leads to open shots and layups, which BYU had plenty of tonight.

The more I watch this team, the more excited I get about their success, because it is coming from both sides of the ball and from all the players on any given night. A player or two going cold will not kill us like in the past.

The Mountain West better watch out, because BYU is rockin' this year.