Riley Nelson Video: Watch BYU QB Celebrate with Referee

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIOctober 30, 2011

When a player scores a great touchdown, a celebration ensues. It is a basic formula that has been going on forever.

Rarely does a player celebrate with a referee, but BYU’s quarterback Riley Nelson did just that.

He made a physical, hard-nosed play where he forced himself into the end zone while the defender was clinging to him, trying to hold him out with every thread of strength he could muster up.

Nelson got in, jumped up and gave the referee who was holding his hand up signaling a touchdown a high-five.

Nelson’s play was filled with emotion, and he extended his emotion to his celebration, jumping up and giving the sideline ref a high-five.

It is a funny moment that breaks the role of the stone-cold athlete fans are used to.

Nelson showed a bit of personality, and this is something that is relieving. It is good to see someone still having some fun out there.

Sit back and give a laugh as this great play is completed and celebrated in a fashion that is much different from the dull celebrations or the antics everyone has been forced to grow used to.

As Joshgues says in the comments section, "Sometimes you just gotta celebrate the little victories."