UFC 137: Nick Diaz Win Not Enough to Bring Him into Title Contention

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIOctober 30, 2011

Copyright: UFC.com
Copyright: UFC.com

Nick Diaz is one of the most enigmatic fighters in the UFC. Fans may love him, but the organization is only holding onto him by his pinky finger at this point. Even though Diaz put up a great fight against BJ Penn at UFC 137, he is not in title contention.

Diaz is a fighter who is as likely to show up and knock his opponent out in the first round as he is to not show up at all.

This gamble is very hard for an organization to take, especially when they are still growing.

Diaz is one of the best boxers in the UFC and has the marketability for title fights. Case and point was the Penn-Diaz fight at UFC 137.

After Diaz pulled out of the St. Pierre fight without any explanation besides blaming his absence from news conferences on his expensive entourage that did not get him on the planes or get him there.

Diaz is a grown man and one of the best MMA fighters in the business, but his childlike personality of needing his hand held and pulled all the way to the event is not professional and makes him a gamble.

Diaz beating BJ Penn was a big step in the right direction, but there is a very long road ahead and it certainly appears like it is going to get easier for Diaz if he wants to take the chance with UFC.

Honestly, if Diaz was cut, it would be a huge loss but not one that would kill the organization.

UFC has many great fighters that are as entertaining as Diaz without the antics.

Diaz needs to keep putting on great performances like the one he put on against BJ Penn and everyone will keep tuning in to see him. The title fight will be there soon enough.