About Time! Georgia beats Florida in the Cocktail Party

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIOctober 29, 2011
For the last few years, the only thing the Georgia Bulldogs felt when they came down to Jacksonville to face the Florida Gators was the boot on their behind when the Florida Gators kicked their butts. 

It wasn't pleasant - heightened by 2010's crushing overtime loss that would have made any red-clad man cry.

Anyway, this time it was different, as the Dawgs overcame a 17-3 win down to snap to the Gators 24-20,  highlighted by Aaron Murray's 4th and 6 touchdown to Tavarres King for a 14-yard touchdown in the third quarter and Richard Samuel's four-yard rush - helped by a Florida pass interference game that has become the pattern of Gator football this season - for a touchdown in the fourth.

The defense - as it has done all season long - did the rest for the Bulldogs. 

Was it pretty? Nope. But the fans in Athens are much happier with Mark Richt, and my God it's effective!