WWE Fantasy Booking Week 3: Smackdown Edition

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIOctober 30, 2011

WWE Fantasy Booking Week 3: Smackdown Edition

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    Every wrestling fan dreams of having creative control over the WWE output.

    We all think that we have better ideas than the writers and that if we were in charge of the show, ratings would soar.

    We as fans know what we want. What we definitely do not want to see is storylines cut short, just as they are about to gather momentum.

    This weekly series, a collaboration between myself and Alex Rivas, will attempt to book Raw, SmackDown and all WWE pay-per-views.

    This is the sixth article in the series. We will detail the SmackDown that took place in the week leading up to Vengeance.

    So far, we have the debut of the Kings of Wrestling, the formation of a new heel stable for Del Rio and a masked attack on COO, Triple H.

    The Miz and R-Truth are still a constant menace, and they brutally attacked Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase in the backstage area two weeks ago. They are also heavily suspected of having a hand in the assault on Triple H.

    All of this begs the question: Who let them into the arena and who gave them a backstage pass?

    One of the questions that will be answered on tonight's show is the action that will be taken against Christian for slapping Teddy Long last week.

    If you want to go back and look at previous articles in the series, then you will be able to find them in my archive.

    Enjoy the show!

Christian in the Ring with Various Other Protesters

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    Christian is in the ring with his fellow protesters that include the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry, David Otunga, Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara Azul, Sin Cara Negro, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Vickie Guerrero, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes.

    Christian: "I gave you fair warning, Teddy! I told you that we would refuse to compete unless you stepped down from your position as SmackDown GM.

    We want someone in charge that can make the right decisions without showing weakness and pandering to the whims of this intellectually deficient crowd!

    You cost me the World Heavyweight Championship once before, Teddy, and I will not sit back and let you do it again!

    All of the superstars in the ring right now have a problem with your regime, and you will have a full-scale uprising on your hands unless you do the right thing!"

    Mark Henry: "Teddy Long seems determined to take my World Heavyweight Championship away from me! Why else would he place me in a Six Pack Challenge at Vengeance? In no other match is the Champion more in jeopardy, and I have had enough of the blatant favouritism shown to the likes of Randy Orton and Christian!"

    Dolph Ziggler: "The show cannot go on without Dolph Ziggler so, Triple H, if Teddy Long won't step down, I suggest you make the decision for him and relieve the gutless buffoon of his duties!"

Triple H in the Back About to Make His Way to the Ring

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    Triple H is walking through the backstage area, and he looks livid with the protests taking place in the ring.

    It is clear he is on way out there when he is stopped by none other than Teddy Long himself.

    Teddy Long: "Hunter, I am tendering my resignation to you with immediate effect."

    Triple H: Don't worry about it, Teddy. I am on my way to the ring to take care of these pathetic creatures, and they will be the ones that pay! I'm talking fines and suspensions for refusing to compete!"

    Teddy Long: "You don't understand, Triple H. When half of your roster is up in arms against you, it is a clear sign of no confidence.

    I don't care whether their criticisms are fair or not, I have lost control of my own show, and when that happens, you know it is time to step down!"

    Triple H: "Are you sure about this?"

    Teddy Long: "Of course I'm sure! To be honest, I have been considering retirement for a few years now, and this seems like the appropriate moment."

    Besides if you fine or suspend half the talent, then the show will suffer as a result. Whereas you can replace me in a heartbeat!"

    Triple H: "Well, thank you for everything that you've done for this show and the wrestling business as a whole!"

    The two men embrace, and the camera cuts to the ring, where the heels start to laugh and celebrate the fact that their protest has worked.

Teddy Long Given a Warm Farewell by the Smackdown Babyface Talent

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    Teddy Long walks out into the hallway with tears in his eyes and is met with a tunnel of babyface superstars cheering and applauding him.

    The tag team champions, Air Boom, are there, along with Randy Orton and Sheamus, who both shake Teddy's hand.

    Long receives hugs and embraces from several of the Divas, as well as an emotional Big Show.

    When Teddy reaches Cena, the "Champ" promises to get some payback on Christian for him tonight in the main event.

    Teddy Long thanks everyone and walks off into the sunset.

"Mr Perfect" Joe Hennig vs Jinder Mahal

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    Joe Hennig extends his winning streak since adopting the "Mr Perfect" moniker to 3-0 with a comfortable victory over the struggling Jinder Mahal.

    Hennig is looking much more of a natural in the ring since he turned babyface and has adopted many of the same mannerisms as his late father.

    He hooks the Perfectplex for the 1..2...3!

    Winner: "Mr Perfect" Joe Hennig

Eve Torres on Her Way to the Ring for a Match with Alicia Fox

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    The No.1 contender for the Divas Championship comes out on the ramp to an impressive babyface pop.

    But before Eve can make her way down to the ring, Beth Phoenix jumps her from behind and performs a brutal-looking GlamSlam on the concrete.

    Phoenix leaves and the EMTs are forced to stretcher Eve away as her match is cancelled.

Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger

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    Vickie Guerrero's two star clients enter to good heat from the crowd ahead of their tag team title match with Air Boom this Sunday.

    Swagger is set for action against Kofi Kingston in what promises to be an exciting contest.

    The tag team champions enter energetically, and Kingston starts the match on top.

    Despite Ziggler's best efforts to distract Kingston, Swagger can not seem to get going in this match and misses with a Swagger Bomb.

    After a decent-length match, Kofi wins with the SOS giving Air Boom the final burst of momentum ahead of their pay-per-view battle.

    Winner: Kofi Kingston

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes

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    Two of the competitors in the Six Pack Challenge will go head to head now, as Big Show takes on Cody Rhodes in his first singles match since returning from injury.

    Rhodes enters first and cuts another promo about how he is going to bring back prestige to the Intercontinental title.

    Big Show enters next and challenges Cody to put the title on the line here tonight if he really wants to go down as a great IC Champion. Cody reluctantly agrees.

    So we have an impromptu Intercontinental title match here tonight, and the "World's Largest Athlete" is looking to win the historic Championship for the first time in his career.

    But just as Big Show is building up a head of steam, Rhodes hits him with his mask forcing a disqualification.

    Winner by DQ: Big Show 

Daniel Bryan Issues an Open Challenge to Anyone at the Vengeance PPV

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    Back from commercial break, and the commentators announce that Alex Riley vs John Morrison has been added to the Vengeance card after their spat on Raw.

    Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan is in the ring with the MITB briefcase and a microphone in hand.

    Daniel Bryan: "Many people seem to have forgotten that I won the the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder match.

    I have promised to cash in my contract on the "grandest stage of them all" and fulfil my dream of headlining WrestleMania.

    Until then, I want to prove to each and every one of you that I have what it takes to be in the main event of WrestleMania.

    So in that vein, Sunday night at Vengeance, I am issuing an open challenge to anyone on this roster who thinks that they can outwrestle me!"

Daniel Bryan vs Sin Cara Azul/w Del Rio and Sin Cara Negro

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    Sin Cara Azul is introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez and accompanied by Negro and Alberto Del Rio as he is set for action with Bryan.

    After a high-paced exciting match, Azul is able to take advantage of a distraction by Del Rio and a cheap shot by Negro to hit Bryan with that top rope C4 for the win.

    Winner: Sin Cara Azul


Beatdown on Bryan; Kings of Wrestling Make the Save

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    Sin Cara Negro and Alberto Del Rio swiftly enter the ring to beat down the weakened Daniel Bryan.

    The three on one attack is turning nasty when "Diamond Eyes" by Shinedown hits and the Kings of Wrestling run down to make the save.

    They are given a surprisingly loud face reception considering they have only been on television for a few weeks.

    "La Familia" is forced to vacate the ring when Triple H comes on the titantron and orders the match to restart as a six-man tag.

Match Ordered to Restart as a Six-Man Tag Team Match

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    The Kings of Wrestling really get to show off in this match ahead of their pay-per-view contest with Los Dos Sin Caras.

    Bryan has been severely weakened, so his former ROH counterparts bear the brunt of the action.

    Del Rio seems to want to save himself ahead of his Submissions Count Anywhere match with Punk, where he has the chance to become a two time WWE Champion.

    Eventually, Daniel Bryan is able to revenge himself on Sin Cara Azul, making him tap out to the LaBell lock as the Kings beat off resistance form Negro and Del Rio.

    Winners: Daniel Bryan and the Kings of Wrestling

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

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    Last year, these two men headlined Bragging Rights and Survivor Series with the WWE Championship on the line.

    But tonight, it is all about momentum and mind games going into Vengeance.

    It is clear that Barrett and Orton have great in-ring chemistry, and they put on a good 10 minute match with the result not clear for the duration.

    After Wade takes Orton to the very limit and nearly wins the match himself, the RKO strikes for the victory.

    Winner: Randy Orton

Sheamus vs Mark Henry

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    Sheamus was the only man that came close to competing with Mark Henry during his monster push over the summer, and this is a rematch from Summerslam.

    Sheamus lost to Henry via DQ on that occasion, and he will be looking to avenge that loss and to pull off a potentially huge victory going into Vengeance.

    The two heavyweights collide, and Henry starts to dominate, but Sheamus eventually makes a comeback, assisted by the energy from the crowd.

    Henry cuts off Sheamus' momentum with a series of headbutts and goes for the World's Strongest Slam, but Sheamus wriggles free and connects with the Brogue Kick!

    "The Celtic Warrior" goes into the cover, but Henry is somehow able to power out at two, and now, the World Heavyweight Champion is taking his ball and going home, attempting to leave with the title.

    But Sheamus is having none of it and attempts to get Mark Henry back into the ring only to receive a shot with the belt for his efforts.

    Winner by DQ: Sheamus

    Now, Mark Henry wants to punish Sheamus and is going for the World's Strongest Slam on the Championship. But here comes the Big Show!

    WMD to Henry and the Champion is out cold. Now, Orton slithering into the ring with an RKO to Big Show, Cody Rhodes out of nowhere with CrossRhodes to Orton.

    Rhodes turns around to see Wade Barrett sliding into the ring, and the former bare-knuckle fighter ducks a clothesline and plants Cody with a Wasteland.

    Bodies are strewn around the ring, but now Sheamus is back on his feet, and a Brogue kick to the skull takes out Barrett.

    Sheamus standing tall, holding the Championship aloft as we cut to commercial. 

Main Event: John Cena vs Christian

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    The Smackdown main event is up next, and John Cena could win the Best of Three series that he has going with Christian here tonight. 

    Christian comes out to such a heated crowd reaction that you can’t even hear his theme song!

     Then John Cena comes out to a huge reaction with “Beat Christian” chants echoing around the arena. They are obviously angry at what Christian forced Teddy long to do.

    The match starts, and Christian lets the crowd get into his head, thus allowing Cena to gain the upper hand. Cena dominates the match with suplexes and shoulder blocks.

    Then, Christian counters with a Tornado DDT and gets control of the match for the next four to five minutes.

    Then the crowd starts to fire up Cena, and he makes a comeback; the top rope Leg Drop only gets a two count! Cena then hits a Three Amigos Suplex, and the crowd cheers because they know that it’s in honour of Eddie.

    He then goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle…and hits! Christian stands up, but rushes at Cena and hits a Spear!

    Goes for pin 1,2,…2 1/2! Christian lashes out huge power moves for the next two to three minutes before Cena counters a dropkick with an STF!

    But Christian is able to barely reach the ropes. Cena is going for a Attitude Adjustment! And he connects into the cover, and Christian has the presence of mind and the ring awareness to grab hold of the ropes.

    Christian now counters another AA attempt and takes down Cena with a Spinebuster. He goes up to the top rope and connects with a signature Diving Headbutt.

    Christian is now readying himself for another Spear, but Cena has a Drop Toe Hold and now the STF is locked in the centre of the ring, and Christian may be forced to submit for the third match in a row!

    But David Otunga is rushing out to the ring and he climbs up to the apron, completely distracting the referee’s focus.

    Behind the referee’s back Christian taps and Cena relinquishes the hold assuming that the match is won.

    But the referee never saw Christian tap out, and he gets into a heated argument with Cena, which gives Christian time to recover and hit a second Spear!


Triple H Comes out to Make an Announcement

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    Triple H: "Christian, before you start celebrating, I just want you to know that if I had had my way, you would be suspended right now!

    You can thank Teddy Long for being the better man because I sure as hell would never have let something like that slip if it had happened to me!

    Now you managed to tie the Best of Three series with Cena, which means the decider will take place at the PPV.

    But to ensure that none of your little lawyer friends can interfere, that match will be held inside a Steel Cage!


    Christian looks apoplectic at the decision as the show ends with a shot of Otunga and "Captain Charisma" in the ring.