Premier League's 10 Dirtiest Players

Sam Tighe@@stighefootballWorld Football Tactics Lead WriterOctober 31, 2011

Premier League's 10 Dirtiest Players

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    The English Premier League has been blessed with many talents over the years.

    Unfortunately, it's copy book has been blotted by some horrendous stunt pullers. This article will outline 10 of the Premier League's dirtiest cheaters who have graced the turf in England.

    I have tried to encompass most of the Premier League's history, but the selection is largely more recent. This, perhaps, is indicative of the changing nature of football.

Roy Keane

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    A very aggressive player with a very sour attitude kicks us off here.

    Roy Keane was a highly skilled and highly influential player in Manchester United's midfield. He was also a complete bulldozer who often disregarded others' safety on the field.

    He admitted in his autobiography that he intentionally hurt Alf-Inge Haaland and ended up breaking his leg. This was not an isolated incident, having many a battle particularly with Patrick Vieira.

    He then had the nerve to chastise Thierry Henry the cheat. What, wait?

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players to have ever played in the English Premier League, perhaps the best.

    By the time he left, he was a goal-scoring machine with unbelievable pace, power and skill.

    However in the years leading up to his maturity, he was branded as one of the worst divers the world has ever seen. With good reason too. He was pathetic.

Robbie Savage

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    Is there a more hated person than Robbie Savage in English football? There are a few who come close, but this guy is not popular.

    He was once the record holder of the most yellow cards in the league and was frequently accused of simulation or bad tackles throughout his career.

    He seemed an omen for bad luck too, as he was often injured by straying footballs or flailing arms, much to the delight of crowds.

Luis Suarez

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    He may not be as bad as some believe, but he is fast gaining a very unwanted reputation.

    His stunt at the 2010 FIFA World Cup to save Uruguay's tournament has become so villainous that Luis Suarez is now someone to be wary of if your wearing a referee's uniform.

    This weekend, Liverpool were awarded a penalty against West Brom, which was a penalty, but the referee's mind had to be swayed by the assistant flagging. He wasn't willing to award the penalty initially.

    Additionally, Suarez has been accused of racially abusing Patrice Evra.

    Luis Suarez is not trusted. His reputation is heading towards the levels of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Michael Brown

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    Michael Brown's reputation is as bad as Cristiano Ronaldo's, but not for diving.

    Brown is a seriously tough tackler, and we mean that in every sense of the word. Ryan Giggs and Ashley Cole will testify to that.

    He has gathered an unbelievable amount of red and yellow cards over the years and was a key figure in the "Battle of Bramall Lane," a match which was abandoned due to the sheer number of red cards.

Paul Scholes

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    What a talented, skilled and legendary midfielder.

    But what a terrible tackler. It wasn't that he was intentionally dirty, but there's only so many years you claim Paul Scholes just doesn't know how to tackle.

    At 35 years of age and turning out season totals of 9 yellows and 1 red, you start to think it's not that he can't tackle, it's that he's intentionally fouling.

Robert Pires

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    Robert Pires was a technically gifted player who had huge influences in leading Arsenal to title winning seasons.

    He was also a textbook diver.

    The featured video is just one example of a number of dives Robert Pires committed over the course of his time in the English Premier League.

    It is a shame such a great player has such a blemish on his report card.

Joey Barton

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    Joey Barton, one of the most loathed players in the history of football, has displayed his fair share of dirtiness and his fair share of cheating.

    He is an angry, violent man who incites crowds, threatens and hurts players and puts in ruthless challenges.

    He has recently turned his hand to twitter and takes on droves of people there, surprisingly outwitting some with clear and concise arguments.

Nemanja Vidic

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    A surprise inclusion for some, but for Aston Villa fans this is a dead certain for this list.

    Nemanja Vidic doesn't get called up for it too much, but he gets away with murder most games.

    He plays dirty and lives life on the edge far too often, and you can make a solid bet that should he not be wearing the red of Manchester United, he wouldn't get away with what he does.

Lee Bowyer

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    This is the man who took Robbie Savage's record from him.

    Lee Bowyer has shown consistently throughout his career he is a dirty player, having taken the record for most English Premier League yellow cards in 2010.

    He has been found to have taken illegal substances, accused of rape and punched his own teammate on the pitch resulting in a red card.

    You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger idiot on the pitch than Lee Bowyer.