Fantasy Football 2011: Musts, Trusts and Busts (Week 8)

Kyle Gibbons@@FI2ANCHISEAnalyst IIIOctober 30, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011: Musts, Trusts and Busts (Week 8)

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    If you're anything like me, you've got some serious bye weeks to consider this week. The absence of Aaron Rodgers' laser arm and Matt Forte's dual threat play-making will most definitely have a negative impact on your starting line-ups. But this week's edition of Musts, Trusts and Busts has all the bye week fill-in answers at the three skill positions.

    Start the "Musts" and bench the "Busts." Week 8 is here, adhere to the MTB formula and win NOW.

    By the way, if you don't have Drew Brees, make the move to get him. Brees and the New Orleans Saints only play outdoors once in the remaining nine games.

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    1. Drew Brees

    2. Michael Vick

    3. Tom Brady

    4. Cam Newton

    5. Matthew Stafford

    Trusts: Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning

    Busts: Kevin Kolb, Blaine Gabbert, Matt Moore

    Big Name Byes: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman

    Bye Week Fill-in: Tim Tebow, Matt Hasselbeck


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    1. Arian Foster

    2. Ray Rice

    3. Adrian Peterson

    4. Chris Johnson

    5. LeSean McCoy

    Trusts: Fred Jackson, Darren Sproles, Frank Gore, Rashard Mendenhall

    Busts: Ryan Torain, Reggie Bush, Brandon Jacobs

    Big Name Byes: Matt Forte, Michael Turner, Darren McFadden, LeGarrette Blount

    Bye Week Fill-in: DeMarco Murray, Ahmad Bradshaw, Jackie Battle

Wide Receiver

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    1. Calvin Johnson

    2. Hakeem Nicks

    3. Mike Wallace

    4. Wes Welker

    5. Marques Colston

    Trusts: Steve Johnson, Dwayne Bowe, DeSean Jackson, Vincent Jackson

    Busts: Percy Harvin, Jabar Gaffney, Reggie Wayne

    Big Name Bye's: Roddy White, Greg Jennings, Mike Williams 

    Bye Week Fill-in: Jeremy Maclin, A.J. Green, Michael Jenkins