Vancouver Canucks: What Happens in October, Stays in October.... We Hope

Adam GrahamAnalyst IIOctober 30, 2011

If you made an ad campaign for the Vancouver Canucks performance in the month of October, the slogan would be very similar to what you see on those Las Vegas tourism commercials. What happens here, stays here.

You see a bunch of guys on a plane looking really exhausted and perplexed thinking, “Wow. Did that really just happen?”

There are certain moments you’d like to remember, and there are other incidents you hope will never be spoken of again.

For the Canucks, there were a few moments worth savouring. Their first laugher of the season over the Nashville Predators and their first overtime victory of the season over the Minnesota Wild were both good memories. The victory over the Wild was also the first time this season Vancouver showed the same resiliency that was on display so often during their comeback victories last season.

So it was a month of firsts for the 2011-12 Canucks squad, which is similar to most Vegas trips. You experience a lot of firsts in Sin City, although I won’t get into the details of that right now.

Unfortunately, the month was also marred by the many forgettable Canucks performances and overall mediocre play. Sure, a 5-5-1 record might be okay for some NHL teams, but not in Canucks nation. More is expected of this team, which is why the Canucks should just put the entire month of October behind them and never speak of it again.

In other words, what happens in that month should just stay there.

If you combine the extra time and regulation losses, Vancouver has finished October with a winning record just once in the last five seasons. It’s a month that might never change for the Canucks. They keep playing the same way and making the same mistakes in October, just like most of us keep doing the same activities and making the same mistakes in Vegas. We always say it’s going to be different next time, but it never is. We rarely end up seeing the show we want to see and we never fold when we should.

However, this year, the best part of October for the Canucks was also a lot like the best part of Vegas—the last night you're there.

The 7-4 victory saw the Canucks end the month with a bang. It was a fast-paced, high-scoring game with plenty of shots and four different goal scorers against an entertaining opponent.

Meanwhile in Vegas, there are four friends having a fast-paced final night somewhere that also involves plenty of shots with entertaining strangers. The number of people who scored will remain undisclosed though.

It’s the type of night that both the Canucks and those who go to Vegas will want to remember and use as momentum to keep the good times rolling in the future.

So bring on November, but make sure the rest of October stays in the past.


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