UFC 137 Results: Scott Jorgensen Shows He's Back on Track by Beating Jeff Curran

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistOctober 30, 2011

Courtesy: mmatattoos.com
Courtesy: mmatattoos.com

Scott Jorgensen suffered a setback loss against Dominick Cruz late last year, but back-to-back wins over Ken Stone in June and Jeff Curran at Saturday night's UFC 137 show the American has righted the ship and is once again on the rise in the bantamweight division.

Jorgensen was clearly the better fighter on Saturday, winning by unanimous decision after controlling most of the fight. Although he would have liked to picked up a knockout to reassert his dominance, a win is a win and allows him to keep climbing back up the ladder.

While the triumph might not be enough to earn him a rematch with Cruz, he's definitely going to be in the conversation following Cruz's win over Demetrious Johnson earlier in the month. Either way, he's only one or two steps away from getting another shot at the division's top dog.

If Jorgensen wants to be champion, though, he'll need to add more weapons to his arsenal. Of his 13 wins, more than half of them have come via decision, which leaves him open to poor judges' decisions.

All told, the Utah native has won seven of his last eight fights and his résumé includes wins over Brad Pickett and Antonio Banuelos over the past two years. He's definitely one of the division's strongest contenders and will be for quite some time.

As for Curran, it's a major disappointment. He had won four of his last five bouts after a four-fight losing streak threatened his career. Just as he was starting to gain some momentum, he isn't able to overcome Jorgensen.

That means he won't be entering the title picture anytime soon and will need to drop his competition level down again to get back on a winning track. Since he rejoined the UFC, he'll have no shortage of opponents to pick from, which should keep his career afloat at the very least.

But that's not what he was hoping for when the night began.