UFC 137 Results: Has Donald Cerrone Been Overlooked?

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2011

Donald Cerrone began the year as a newcomer into the UFC after they merged with the WEC. Now, Cerrone is climbing the UFC lightweight mountain at an astounding rate.

At UFC 137 Cerrone quickly disposed of former top 10 lightweight, Dennis Siver with a first round rear naked choke.

That was after Cerrone dominated Siver—who has great striking skills—standing.

Cerrone hasn't exactly faced awesome competition since coming in. Now that he has beaten Siver he can start collecting the accolades he deserves.

Cerrone was great in the WEC and his only three losses come against Ben Henderson (twice) and Jamie Varner (who he later beat).

It was only until this fight that Cerrone started to hear the chatter he deserved. Coming into the UFC, Cerrone was one of the top three lightweights coming over from the WEC and yet he still faced competition that wasn't so stellar.

Up until his fight with Siver was announced he has been overlooked, but not entirely.

Cerrone deserves credit and next up could be a fight at featherweight with Nam Phan, if not Phan then a possible fight against the loser of Henderson and Clay Guida could be in the cards.

With that Cerrone can get a third chance to beat Henderson.

Now Cerrone will hear even more chatter about title shots and rightfully so. He will also start facing the best of the best and after tonight, he looked like he would go absolute beast mode on just about anybody.

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