The Backdoor Cover: Week 8 NFL Picks

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The Backdoor Cover: Week 8 NFL Picks

Close to the middle of the season. While it’s kinda sad we are about to begin the downward slope of what we look forward to all year, it’s nice to see we are figuring out NFL line trends. The thinking is it is fine to make mistakes, but let’s learn from those mistakes. What I find people do when betting is not change the way they handicap all season long. That’s like not making a trade or a move in Fantasy all year because you knew exactly what you were doing at your draft in August. That’s Lloyd Christmas-type stupidity.

Happy Halloween weekend. Come to think of it, it does seem like 363 days since I last heard “The Monster Mash”. Ever since I had a child capable of trick-or-treating, I now look forward to the night. I’m also pro-Candy corn which I know is controversial but I stand by my beliefs. To take it further, I eat Candy Corn by layer, not all at once. Just how I roll.

Feel strong to quite strong about this week’s action. Therefore, I decided to make this week sponsored by someone who not only cares about children learning how to read good, but is confident in himself and is also really ridiculously good-looking. Here’s to you Derek Zoolander.


KANSAS CITY  +3 1/2 vs San Diego – Not sure how Vegas can understimate Jackie Battle yet again. Kansas City somehow went from the team that was the consensus worst team in the NFL the first two weeks to playing great. I’ll take them at home to keep rolling against a Charger team that everyone keeps waiting to be better. No thanks Norv.

BALTIMORE – 12 1/2 vs Arizona – Hey, I’m not running away from a giant favorite. That’s because this line is low. Baltimore is going to release a lot of frustration on Kevin Kolb in this game. The number I keep coming up with in my advanced supercomputer is 34-10. For you non-math majors out there, that’s covering.

NEW ORLEANS -13 1/2 @ St. Louis – Holy road favorites Batman!  Same as above, the Saints will simply do whatever they want on offense and have enough defense to keep the Rams in check. Much like the SEC this year, there are definite tiers and this game represents a gigantic chasm of talent. Take New Orleans and watch the scoreboard explode.

CLEVELAND +9 @ San Francisco – Back to a road underdog, more of my comfort zone. Taking the Browns here because I don’t believe the Niners are good enough to be almost a double-digit favorite. With so much running the ball, the game will be shortened and should come down to nothing more than a touchdown.

PITTSBURGH +3 vs New England – Now we are getting risky. The Steelers have been playing better in the last few weeks getting confidence and swagger back but to prove it, they have to win this game at home. I believe they will but it should be highly entertaining either way. I don’t like going against New England off a bye but that’s why they call it gambling.

DENVER + 2 1/2 vs Detroit – Of course I’m taking Denver here. I’ve been red-hot lately going against Detroit the last few weeks and believe they get beat in this game. All Denver has to do is win. Denver has Tim Tebow. End of discussion.

SUICIDE PICK: I thought last week taking the Saints would be easy, but that was a laugher. This week I’m taking the Baltimore RAVENS to right the ship against the Cardinals. Looking at their schedule, this is the time to get some use out of Joe Flacco & Co. Good luck. Previous - HOU, PIT, SD, TAMPA, NYG, GB, NO


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