6 Ideas That Could Strengthen the Tag Team Division in WWE

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6 Ideas That Could Strengthen the Tag Team Division in WWE

Behold the masters. Frankly, it's impossible to mention the Tag Team division without referencing them at some point.

Edge and Christian, possibly the greatest tag team of all time, were absolutely phenomenal in their promos. This, coupled with their gimmick as a satire of goofy, catchphrase recycling surfer dudes, made every segment they had backstage (especially those with Mick Foley) comedy gold.

To put it bluntly: Their nuts are safe for consumption.

Of course, it helped that they were best friends for many years, granting them flawless on-screen chemistry. They also had natural charisma that translated to backstage promos with ease. For those without those tools, that is were a manager/valet comes in handy.

It doesn't have to be a comedy style promo, like those Edge and Christian mastered. Others, like the Road Warriors, preferred to display aggression and intensity in their promos; again, this reflected their characters, who were tough and unstoppable.

Overall, it's well known that promos are the best way of putting yourself over, so logic dictates that working on your promo skills in order to endorse your own team is a necessity in becoming a good tag team. This, and the other ideas mentioned, is what would help revive tag team wrestling.

Have any other ideas that you think would benefit the tag team division? Do you think any of my ideas are wrong or badly thought out? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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