James Franklin Video: Watch Mizzou QB Go Spin Cycle Against Texas A&M

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 29, 2011

James Franklin looked more like a RB on Sunday afternoon than a QB on Saturday afternoon during this play. At 6'2" 225 lbs, Franklin certainly has the size to play running back in the NFL. He may be considered undersized to play QB in the NFL, so this type of run could be a blessing for Franklin.

He may be looking at a Michael Robinson-like position switch when he gets to the NFL.

Plays like this one will surely catch the eye of NFL scouts and talent evaluators. Franklin briefly surveyed the scene downfield before taking off, utilizing the right edge.

Franklin breaks a few arm tackles and then explodes into a Texas A&M tackler. Franklin drops his shoulder Adrian Peterson style and then channels his inner Matt Forte with the spin maneuver to free himself from harm.

After he clears the tackle attempt, Franklin scampers into the end zone. The Tigers will likely lose this game to the Aggies, but Franklin at least gave Tigers fans something positive to remember from this game.

That type of individual performance is what the Missouri Tigers better get used to as they prepare to join the hyper-athletic SEC where this type of athleticism is common place.

The exciting thing is that Franklin is only a sophomore, so college football fans will have at least one more year to watch him build on an impressive string of highlights.