?The Hottest Racing Babes Ever?

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIINovember 1, 2011

?The Hottest Racing Babes Ever?

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    While watching a throng of racers drive cars in circles for hours may seem like a tedious event, it incorporates the two main male passions—fast cars and beautiful women.

    The drivers may not be the most illustrious athletes, but they have arguably the most aesthetically pleasing array of cheerleaders and pit girls to use as motivation and support.

    These women grace the concrete tracks with a unique swagger that exudes classy confidence in their teams.

    With the tailgating, screaming and racing producing quite the opportunity for an entertaining day, these women arrive with high expectations.

    Here are the hottest racing babes of all time.


30. When in Rome

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    Since it's clear that umbrella protection isn't in this Grid Girl's responsibilities for the day, she seems to be exploring her options.

    As she straightens herself up and gives an erotic (albeit curious) smile to her audience, she is undoubtedly pleased to receive plenty of attention.

    The drivers can't possibly find their way into the cars without stumbling.

29. Not a Sport, a Competition

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    While there are some critics who don't believe NASCAR is a sport, these beautiful women beg to differ.

    It may not take elite athleticism to win a race, but it takes crucial focus and the ability to turn the wheel consistently for three hours.

    That may not sound difficult, but any individual who can win the appreciation of this throng of supporters certainly deserves to be called a competitor.

28. Smoke and Mirrors

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    While Grid Girls, known as Paddock or Umbrella Girls in the United Kingdom, are often responsible for protecting drivers from the vigorous sun with their effective umbrellas and glimmering beauty, they are sometimes seen enjoying their own sex appeal instead.

    Fans can't possibly be angry with the wardrobe malfunction that evidently occurred before the start of the race.

27. Stripes and Sequins

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    With a new influx of beleaguered drivers entering the field of play every season, racing yearns for the sprinkling of sexy women to coat the track.

    Not only do we approve of the chosen attire, but we also welcome the new supporters with open arms.

    This Pit Girl is certainly excited for the opportunity to attract the camera.

26. Whoomp There It Is

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    While this girl's job clearly features the responsibility of letting fans know what lap the race is on, she evidently forgot to move from the center of the track before the start.

    With her curious turn and firm expression, it's safe to say she was being yelled at by impatient drivers who were eager to begin.

    However, she gives her peers another idea for sun protection... sun glasses.

25. Royal Treatment

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    With a classy BMW comes an established cheerleader who is ready to support her driver.

    Her sensual smirk, as well as the sweatshirt effortlessly tied around her waist, gives us the belief that she is quite confident.

    Any driver would be pleased to have her support.

24. Flashing Lights

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    While Mario Kart has power-ups such as super mushrooms that offer a speed boost, shells that can be fired at opponents, banana peels to deter trailing drivers and lightning that shrinks the other racers, the real world has beautiful women.

    While the outfit is sexy enough on it's own, the tri-colored flavor gives drivers even more of a distraction to avoid.

    Another treacherous race.

23. Employment Opportunities

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    She may have forgotten her umbrella, but this Paddock Girl sure remembered her two other requirements... an iconic smile and tight pants.

    The shirt is almost too comical to laugh at.

    There were surely plenty of drivers asking her how.

22. No Joking Matter

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    As they effortlessly sit on the matching Kawasaki bike, these cheer girls are seemingly glaring at someone with a sense of bewilderment.

    Perhaps their boss is ridiculing them for possibly scratching the equipment.

    Or he's mad as to why they continue to turn down his proposals.

21. Frozen in Time

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    While her team prepares for the illustrious race and fans start to get rowdy in the stands, this Grid Girl is seemingly attempting to garner some pre-race attention.

    Everyone behind her may be oblivious, but those behind the cameramen are undoubtedly salivating with admiration.

    She is the clearly the reason fans bring binoculars.

20. The Main Event

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    With these racing girls seemingly hogging the camera for most of the race, it is somewhat baffling as to why they haven't been given a chance to race.

    What the drivers may lack in athleticism, these Grid Girls certainly make up in beauty.

19. The Lone Wolf

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    As she stares at the ground with a blissful smile, fans are undoubtedly assuming that this Grid Girl has forgotten her responsibilities during the event.

    She may be anxiously hoping someone directs her, or she is perhaps satisfied with her oblivious state.

    Fans are pleased either way.

18. Office Space

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    It's quite amazing how any of the drivers concentrate when completing each lap, considering these cheer girls are prancing about near the center of the track.

    While they carelessly grace the tracks with their breathtaking beauty, fervent drivers are scratching and clawing their dashboards for victory.

17. Apples and Oranges

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    At this point we're seemingly splitting hairs as we continue to see each team's girls intentionally take all the attention from the drivers.

    We're starting to believe that these races aren't about the remarkable athletes who sit in their seats and steer a wheel, but rather the breathtaking beauties who hog the camera.

16. Angels in the Outfield

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    With many superstitious athletes feeling as though certain placements and pregame rituals truly help their chances, it's safe to say that these angelic supporters were told to stand in this position before the race to bring luck to the team.

    Unfortunately for them, these girls had to undoubtedly wake up before the sun rose to beat the crowd.

    True dedication.

15. The Cat Walk

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    This is no longer just a racing event, but rather a bikini show.

    Fans may be pleased with the collective warmness taking place, but they are curious as to how drivers can possibly focus on the finish line when this is occurring.

14. Breaking for Lunch

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    While they clearly do their job effectively, these cheer girls essentially get paid to sit in a hot tub and tempt eager drivers.

    It seems quite counterproductive in the end, but it's obviously for fan pleasure.

13. Hovering Above

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    Red Bull may not give you wings, but it certainly gives you energy.

    Those who see these girls will certainly feel like they're flying.

12. Excuse the Camera

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    Not only will her driver undoubtedly lose track of his footing on the way to the car, he'll also see the cameraman break his equipment after grabbing this shot.

    This Grid Girl knows exactly how to attract an audience.

11. The Glass Is Half Full

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    While the driver prepares his vehicle for the race and the cameraman prepares his equipment for an iconic shot, this Grid Girl is doing everything in her power to help the team out.

    Offering her beautiful assistance and an iced beverage should certainly garner her some attention.

10. Checkered Flags

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    Rather than changing the oil and protecting their drivers from the harmful bright lights, these Grid Girls are seemingly more focused on pleasing the viewers with their glistening smiles and breathtaking outfits.

    We'd appreciate a shot of the racers throwing their arms in the air in frustration. 

    They undoubtedly wish they had hired the burly mechanics instead.

9. The Ultimate Prize

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    While we're not fully sure of her role in the race, it's safe to assume that she will be sitting in the winner's cup at the end of the event.

    Her beauty is unmistakable, her attitude vivacious, her smile warming.

    She is the only motivation that these drivers need.

8. Back to the Future

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    With her careful adjusting, this Grid Girl undoubtedly wants to avoid experiencing a Janet Jackson-esque slip from a friendly driver.

    We not only commend her for the precious care, but also for the retro sunglasses that separate her from the rest of the pack.

7. Perfecting the Art

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    Before she reaches the track, this Grid Girl seemingly likes to prepare herself for the breathtaking poses that please her fans.

    As the camera sweats with anticipation, she hides her self-satisfaction behind stellar sunglasses.

    The ideal uniform.

6. Running in Place

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    As she quietly waits for the gun to go off, car revving its engine, fans are undoubtedly feeling optimistic.

    She may seem to be alone in the desert, but this Grid Girl will soon realize that she is in front of a green screen that will be moved moments before the race.

    Her driver isn't focused on anything but the rear-view mirror.

5. Vehicular Manslaughter

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    These girls may be beautiful, may be vivacious, but they don't understand that the vehicles are easily tainted with even the slightest touch.

    Although it's doubtful that any of the drivers notice considering the jaw-dropping salivation that is undoubtedly occurring behind the camera.

4. She's Halfway There

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    While the crew is certainly impressed with this Grid Girl's ability to remember her umbrella, she missed one crucial step in the protection process.

    Not only does it still need to be opened, but she needs to find the palest driver who is in the most need of sun protection.

    With that said, this girl shouldn't be waiting on anybody.

3. One in a Million

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    Finally we find a Grid Girl who not only remembered her umbrella, but also mastered the art of holding it up and protecting her driver.

    However, with all her strenuous responsibilities, she still makes precious time for the eager camera that is anxiously waiting.

2. Reading the Manual Is Key

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    Most of these Paddock Girls are so close to successfully figuring out the dynamics of the illustrious umbrella, but seemingly just fall short.

    This one has remembered her famed gadget and is ready to protect her driver from the steaming sun.

    However, she is seemingly more prepared to store rain water than she is to help her team.

1. The Maturation of a Sport

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    As productive as they may be in regards to fan appreciation and aesthetic pleasure, these cheer girls continue to undeniably distract even the most focused drivers.

    She is clearly a major road block for the impatient pit crew trying to grab several extra tires.

    All one can do is nod in approval.