College Football: The 5 Biggest Programs in Danger of Missing out on Bowl Season

James Brown@@chasingballgameSenior Analyst IOctober 29, 2011

College Football: The 5 Biggest Programs in Danger of Missing out on Bowl Season

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    The college football Bowl season is quickly approaching. The Bowl game is the pinnacle of the season and every college football team wants to play in a bowl game. It is pivotal to the future of the program, and aides in recruiting with the national exposure.

    Missing a bowl game is devastating to any college football team. Here is a look at the five biggest programs that are in danger of missing out on bowl season.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    The Fighting Irish are always a lock to make a bowl game. The draw and the marketability of this team is hard for any sponsor to pass up on. Yet with seven games into the season, Notre Dame already has three losses.

    After the loss to the USC Trojans, the Irish could be in danger of missing bowl season. They have struggled in the past against their remaining opponents, most notably Navy, and still have to go up against Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinal.

    Notre Dame should make a bowl game, but if they don’t put it together, they just may miss out.

Missouri Tigers

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    The Missouri Tigers are flirting with a move to the SEC. The SEC may change their mind with the way the Tigers are playing this season. They already have four losses and lack signature wins.

    The Tigers' best win on the season is against Iowa State, and they have lost to all the top teams in the Big 12. They still have two games against ranked opponents and challenging games at Baylor and against Texas.

    The Missouri Tigers are very close to missing out on the bowl season.

Ohio State Buckeyes

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    How the mighty have fallen. Last year the Ohio State Buckeyes went to the Sugar Bowl, and this year they may not get an invite to the Little Caesars Bowl.

    The Buckeyes have lost three games on the season so far. Three of the five remaining games are against ranked opponents, including today’s game against the angry Wisconsin Badgers. If the Buckeyes stumble against Indiana or Purdue, they could easily miss out on the bowl season.

Florida Gators

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    The Florida Gators are known as a very successful college football program. However, due to a transition and injuries, the Gators could miss the bowl season. The Gators have a new coach and a constant rotation at quarterback.

    The Gators have lost three straight games and could easily make it four when they play Georgia today. With the exception of the game against Furman, the Gators have a tough schedule down the stretch. If they can’t muster a few more wins, they could be on the outside looking in.

Florida State Seminoles

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    The Seminoles started off the season at the top of the college football rankings, but after back-to-back losses to Oklahoma and Clemson, they were kicked out of the top 25. They are back on track after defeating Duke and Maryland, but if they don’t stay on that track, they could miss the bowl season.

    The current projections have the Seminoles in the Champs Bowl, but they still need a few wins to secure the invite. The last game of the season against Florida could be the difference in making the bowl season or sitting this year out.

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