Mariners and Mets and Indians Have a BIG Trade Coming Along

Sean MatraiContributor IDecember 10, 2008

Breaking news:

Even though the Mets signed K-Rod, we probably will be getting JJ Putz as well. This guy can be amazing for The Mets and will be our eighth inning setup man.This will solve most of the Mets problems. I think with the addition of K-Rod and Putz, the Mets would have the best BP in the league. Here are my reasons:

1. K-rod will outdo the Phillies, outmaster them with every command.

2. I'm telling you now Lidge is not going to be "the Lidge of last year."

3. If you guys are in a Lidge lockdown, don't forget which teams in the NL East beat up on Lidge. Remember when the Braves scored six runs on Lidge with a Brian McCann grand slam and when the Mets got to Lidge?

Lidge is not unstoppable. Lidge is not who you make him out to be. Honestly, K-rod is better than Lidge when you look at overall numbers.