2008 Pro Wrestling Awards: 2008 Brand/Broadcast of The Year

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IDecember 10, 2008

So the year is over, and it's time to find out who deserves to own the title as Brand of the Year. But this isn't as easy as it looks. There are a lot of qualifications that go into being the best show on television. Forget the Emmys. And it's obvious the Slammys are biased. So it's up to the B/R Wrestling Nation to decide whose got the best show on television.

Will your favorite make the cut?


While William Regal was running the show, it suffered. It turns out that the ratings were dropping whenever Regal was visible. So they decided to send him packing and unleash several months of anarchy. Besides that, they brought in former Chicago Bear and American Gladiator Host Mike Adamle to bring control to the show.

The Adamle Experience left people in more disbelief as he only lasted several months before he decided to walk as well. With that, the Flagship Show of the WWE was left without a leader once more...that is until a McMahon stepped up and back into the spotlight.

Stephanie McMahon has assumed complete control of the broadcast, and already, she has shown favoritism towards certain superstars. Chris Jericho and Randy Orton have been able to run wild while stars like Batista and John Cena have been kept on a real short leash. At this moment, Stephanie proved that she does not belong in a power position. But then again, as her brother made clear, she is only used to one position.

#2) ECW on Sci-Fi

Armando Estrada has been a very interesting individual when he was given the role as GM of ECW. When ECW went to Sci-Fi, Estrada did everything in his power to make sure that the one hour program did enough to hang with the other two shows on the schedule.

But when Teddy Long took over, the Land of Extreme started getting the respect that it so rightfully deserved. With his new superstar initiative, not to mention the current ECW Champion, ECW has become a prominent part of Sci-Fi Channel's success. That most likely will garner them the honors at year's end. But that's just my opinion. Some could lean towards...


Jeff Jarrett's pet project has led TNA into the mainstream of professional wrestling. He made it clear that he wanted to give the other side of wrestling...without the politics. And he's only done it using one motto: Cross The Line.

IMPACT! has held its own with superstars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Eric Young, TNA started from humble beginnings and became a mainstay for Thursday night. When SmackDown moved to Friday nights, TNA had a night of its own, and has continued to provide some pretty good entertainment in the process.

But then TNA added some old school faces like Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash & Booker T to the mix. The end result is a magnet for random insanity, anarchy and pretty decent storylines. For surviving against the almighty McMahon Empire, TNA IMPACT! has continued to cross the line and has earned its right to be nominated.

However, their competition still owns the final stretch and the chance to win the week.

#4) Friday Night SmackDown

Since its arrival over a decade ago, SmackDown has become a huge part of nightly broadcasts. From its beginnings with The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H, SmackDown used to be a way for superstars to get even from anything that happened on RAW. But since the splitting of the superstars, they've grown into their own brand of sports entertainment.

Since the split, SmackDown has lost some superstars to retirement and Hollywood. But it's brought several superstars from the ashes of the departed. SmackDown is famous for making some superstars into legends. SmackDown was also the original home and the building block for a certain RAW champion known as John Cena.

Today, SmackDown continues to be the mainstay of the remedy for a rough work week. While other networks try to compete on Friday nights, SmackDown dominates. With an edge of your seat storyline attached, SmackDown begins to pull ahead of even its denmother, RAW. And with a GM that doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, and a roster that brings it every single Friday night, SmackDown will have no problems becoming the best brand in the WWE.

But is it the best of 2008? That's up to the people...and I guarantee that the people won't shy away from voicing their opinions.