The 25 Best WWE Action Figures Ever Made

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 1, 2011

The 25 Best WWE Action Figures Ever Made

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    With pro wrestling's colorful gear and comic book muscles, it was only a matter of time before WWE made the transition into the world of action figures.

    LJN started things off for them in 1984, offering stylized cartoon figures for a time when many wrestlers sported cartoonish gimmicks.  

    Hasbro continued that trend in the early '90s, but improved the product.

    Jakks Pacific had an exclusive deal with WWE between 1996 and 2009.  They upped the ante on realism, creating very lifelike versions of the superstars.  

    Recently, Mattel has taken over and done a lot of what Jakks did, but adding their own flair as well.  They've added the kid-friendly Rumblers and created specific lines like the Entrance Greats and Defining Moments series. 

    To find the best action figures, I've graded them on realism (or stylized look) and their accessories as well as awarding for points for rareness or undeniable coolness. 

    Whether you're buying them for your kids, pretending to buy them for your kids or something in between, check out the top 25 WWE action figures.

Honorable Mention

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    Harvey Wippleman and Giant Gonzales two-pack: The toy Giant Gonzales looks better than the real dude.  Plus, how obscure is a Wippleman figure?

    Randy Orton Elite Series 9: He has great tattoos, but not quite the right face.

    The Miz WWE Ruthless Aggression Series 28: one of the better Ruthless Aggression figures. It captures the Miz's likeness quite well.

    Hasbro Randy Savage: It has a great retro look and excellent ring wear. 

25. Hasbro Hulk Hogan

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    Here's your chance to gorilla press slam all other action figures into submission.  Most of the figures on this list are a lot more realistic looking than this one of the Hulkster, but the retro stylized look works. 

    This is one of the most iconic figures to come out of the initial Hasbro series. 

    Forget that his legs are much too thin and his hair is uneven, this gets points for being one of the first and most desirable figures and for how fun it was to use his slamming arms.

    Made by: Hasbro

    Series: 1990 Series 1

24. Flip Kickin' Matt Hardy

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    The Matt Hardy figure itself is quite excellent.  Often action figures overstate a guy's physique, but Hardy's is extremely accurate.  His ring wear is also well captured.

    The glory of this toy though is all the goodies that come in the package. 

    The accessories included are a ladder and a breakable table to live out all of your TLC fantasy matches or recreate the classic WrestleMania TLC matches. 

    Lastly, he has flip kicking action and will not self-destruct like the real Matt Hardy.

    Made by: Mattel

    Series: WWE Wrestling FlexForce Series 1

23. Boogeyman

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    Some superstars look out of place in a ring.  Boogeyman often seemed too gimmicky during an era moving away from that direction.

    However, he is one of the wrestlers best suited to be created as an action figure.

    There are several excellent Boogeyman figures, but this particular one stands out with its vibrancy and accuracy.  His unique ring wear looks great as do the details of his face paint.

    The figure also comes with Boogeyman's trademark clock.

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Ruthless Aggression Series 30

22. Viscera

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    This figure looks so much like Viscera, it's creepy.

    The big man's bleached blonde Mohawk and spooky eyes are recreated perfectly.  It's also remarkable how they captured his body shape without making it look silly.

    It comes with a removable jacket as well.  Viscera's vertical splash should be no trouble to perform with the toy.

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Ruthless Aggression Ring Rage Series 16.5

21. Mark Henry and Undertaker Rumbler 2-Pack

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    The action figure purist may scoff at the kid-style design of the Rumblers series, but they are undeniably cute.

    These Rumblers focus on the fun of wrestling and toys rather than straight realism.

    The Undertaker looks awfully close to the real thing minus the cartoon styling.  The prize here is that Mark Henry, who would never be described as adorable in real life, is exactly that in action figure form. 

    I suppose the barbell is used to show us how strong he is though he never brings one to the ring.

    Made by: Mattel

    Series: WWE Rumblers

20. Triple H Figure: SummerSlam Heritage Series

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    Triple H is a difficult wrestler to get right in action figure form.  His hair is often all wrong and few get his face right.

    This version is expertly done, though having his hair in his face was an odd choice.  Otherwise, his build and that vintage Triple H sneer is perfect.

    The Game's ring wear is basic here as it is in real life, but the details of his taped fingers and the design on his boots make this even better.

    For those choosing to play with their toys rather than collect them, Mattel provides great articulation making it easier to have him perform the Pedigree and knee lift.

    Made by: Mattel

    Series: SummerSlam Heritage Series 2007

19. Undertaker

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    The Dead Man has never looked better.

    His posture and outfit are perfect.  They didn't quite capture his eyes, but the overall feel for the Undertaker is great.

    When you remove his coat, his accurate tattoos are on display.

    He's far too stiff to do much playing, making this Undertaker more suited for those who prefer to stick their figures on a display stand.

    It comes with an oversized elbow pad, which isn't the most fun accessory ever.

    Made by: Mattel

    Series: Elite Collection Series 1

18. Edge-Maximum Aggression

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    This is what Edge would like if he were a comic book character.  The stylized depiction suits the Rated-R superstar just fine.

    The figure boasts sweet looking ring wear and does a great job capturing his tattoos. 

    The Maximum Aggression figures are quite large at 12 inches tall, so it won't do well in your toy wrestling ring, but will look awesome on a shelf. 

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Maximum Aggression

17. Hollywood Hogan

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    The black beard and blond mustache combo comes to the world of action figures.

    Hollywood Hogan's eyes look a little too much like a frightened deer's and his hips are a bit too narrow, but everything else about this makes up for those missteps. 

    As a sweet bonus, you get the NWO spray-painted championship belt and some shades.

    You can play with this until it’s old and creaky, but still thinks it’s the best in the world.

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Classic Series 8

16. Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels 2-Pack

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    Relive one of the best WrestleMania matches of all time and the ladder match that ushered in an era with this two-pack. 

    Both Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon's faces are far too goofy.  The outfits and Intercontinental Championships look great though. 

    Razor sports a sweet gold chain and vest.

    This is more appealing to the fan who plays with his toys as the included ladder allows for some recreated or newly created ladder moments.

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Classic Superstars-Limited Edition Exclusives

15. Tyson Tomko

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    There may not be a whole bunch of fans in search of a Tomko action figure, but this figure should be admired for how gorgeous it is.

    The detail work on his tattoos is amazing. 

    In a way it's sort of a shame that Jakks Pacific did such a perfect job on a wrestler that has such a small fan base, but at the same time, fans of obscure wrestling figures will eat this up. 

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Ruthless Aggression 13

14. Kamala with Moon on Belly

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    Considered the holy grail to collectors, the Kamala action figure with a painted moon on his belly has inspired many a fake.

    It's very limited because that particular design was only meant as a pre-production sample.  The other version that came after sports a star on his belly instead.

    While the figure is recognizable as the Ugandan Giant, it is by no means realistic. 

    The retro-style has a cool look though and like the aforementioned Hasbro Hulk Hogan, it can slam other figures.  Of course, considering its going rate, it's highly unlikely that anyone is taking this out of the package.

    Made by: Hasbro

    Series: 1992/1993 Series 7

13. Tatanka-Ruthless Aggression

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    The incredibly realistic Ruthless Aggression Tatanka action figure might turn you into a Tatanka fan just to have an excuse to buy it.

    His ring wear looks wonderful despite how some fans may view their stereotypical nature.  There are some fine details throughout. 

    Few figures have a more accurate face.

    His hand is already positioned to chop the spit out of his opponents.

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series:  Ruthless aggression WWE Classic Superstars Series 19

12. Sheamus

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    Everything is spot on about this Sheamus action figure from his face, hair color and ring attire.

    My only criticism is his expression, an apathetic, distracted look which doesn't quite befit a warrior.

    An exact replica of the WWE Championship, a Celtic cross around his neck and a steel pipe are included as well.  Have fun taking those beautifully designed boots and knocking other figures in the mouth.

    Made by: Mattel

    Series: Elite 8

11. Ultimo Dragon

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    The action figure gets major points for obscurity.  Only the most dedicated fans know and appreciate Ultimo Dragon’s incredible skills and remember his short stint with WWE.

    This figure does a fantastic job capturing the details on his mask.

    His outfit and build look fantastic as well.  As a supremely cool bonus, the figure comes with a replica Ultimo Dragon mask.

    Had they included his spiked wristbands and robe, this would have been even better.

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Masked

10. Million Dollar Man

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    Ted DiBiase never had the sculpted abs that this figure has, but it looks fabulous nonetheless. 

    He comes with a wad of cash to toss about and a sweet looking Million Dollar Belt. 

    Jakks Pacific created yet another nostalgia-inducing wonder that captures DiBiase's essence while swapping some fun for realism.

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Classic Superstars Series 3

9. Rey Mysterio Best of WrestleMania XXIV

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    From his masks to his colorful outfits, Rey Mysterio's look begs to be made into an action figure.  There are tons of excellent Mysterio figures, but this one is particularly realistic.

    His outfit is not as intricate as others he has worn, but they did a great job with his elbow pads and the design of the mask. 

    As a bonus, it also comes with a micro figure.

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: WrestleMania XXIV Exclusive Best of Series 1

8. Defining Moment Ricky Steamboat

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    This action figure represents Ricky Steamboat's return to WWE in '91. 

    Steamboat's silly over the top dragon-style ring wear was never befitting such a great wrestler, but it certainly looks better in action figure form. 

    Plus, you can remove all of that gear and a superb representation of Ricky Steamboat awaits. 

    His mullet is kind of odd looking, but his bright tights and detailed boots make up for it.

    Made by: Mattel

    Series: Defining Moments 3

7. Legion of Doom 2-Pack

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    One of the greatest tag teams in WWE history gets two of the greatest action figures. 

    The face paint is done perfectly and those spiked shoulder pads are purely awesome.  They also did a fantastic job of getting Hawk and Animal’s faces right, complete with Hawk’s trademark tongue.

    The fact that it's a bit difficult to find makes this two-pack even more desirable. 

    What a rush!

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Classic Superstars 1-Limited Edition

6. Jake Roberts

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    Of all the old-school Hasbro action figures, Jake Roberts' is the best.  His outfit is done quite well and is sure to stir up nostalgia for many a fan.

    And considering the cartoon style employed, Robert's face (and mustache) looks pretty dang good. 

    Damien looks great too.  Hasbro made a very smart move not to leave him in the bag.

    The way Roberts' arm is sculpted allows you to cram a head in there and perform his patented DDT.

    Made by: Hasbro

    Series: 1990- Series 1

5. Entrance Greats Rey Mysterio

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    Celebrating and capturing Rey Mysterio's WrestleMania 22 entrance with great accuracy, this figure is one of the finest in the Entrance Greats series.

    His beautiful Aztec-inspired headdress and chest piece are on full display.

    The details and colors of this figure are gorgeous and it may be hard for you to let your kids take this one out of the box and rough it up.

    The base plays an extended (and unfortunately grainy) version of his theme song.

    Made by: Mattel

    Series: Entrance Greats 1

4. WWF Legends Ultimate Warrior

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    Other Ultimate Warrior figures are more colorful and tassel-happy, but this one is the most lifelike.

    The Ultimate Warrior's face is captured amazingly well as is his sculpted physique.  The only issue is that the expression they went with makes him look like he's just taken a few bottles of Nyquil.

    Add some great paint work, realistic boots and the Warrior's big hair and you have one fine figure.

    His only accessory is a beautiful rendition of the old Intercontinental Championship. 

    Made by: Mattel

    Series: WWE Legends Series 4

3. Carlito Ruthless Aggression

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    Carlito spits in the face of people who don't like his action figure.

    The big hair, the facial expression, it’s all picture perfect.  Few action figures look more like their real life counterparts than this one of Carlito.

    Though I always thought Carlito's use of an apple as a prop was a bit silly, including it here as a removable item really makes the figure cooler. 

    Carlito also comes with an open shirt and WWE Tag Team Championship belt.

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Ruthless Aggression 15

2. WWE Classic Superstars Series 2 George

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    Both a beloved wrestler of the early '80s and to some an embarrassment to the sport, George "The Animal" is created eerily realistically in this figure.

    The attention to detail of his green tongue and hairy chest made to feel like actual hair catapults it near the top of the rankings. 

    His props certainly aren't iconic (who remembers him carrying a club around?) but a nice addition anyway.  

    Made by: Jakks Pacific

    Series: Classic Superstars 2

1. Mattel WWE Legends Demolition

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    One of the greatest tag teams of the '80s comes to life in these spectacular action figures.

    This is a case where the toy's build is superior to the wrestler's.  Ax is a bit dumpy in real life, but is made to look a lot more toned. 

    Smash's face is captured perfectly.  The spiked leather outfits are spot on as well.  These guys were made for action figures.

    Throw in their removable masks and your toy shelf just got a whole lot cooler.

    Made by: Mattel

    Series: WWE Legends 4