Stephen Curry and A.J. Abrams: The Best Shots In College Basketball

Ari KramerSenior Analyst IIDecember 10, 2008

Last night's Jimmy V Classic in New York featured my favorite shooters in all of college basketball.

Stephen Curry and A.J. Abrams attracted fans like me to attend the annual classic. 

Curry's Davidson played West Virginia in the first game of the doubleheader. The turnstiles at Madison Square Garden revolved as many times as they do for a mundane Knicks game. 

Aside from a handful of Mountaineers fans, everyone made sure to catch the opening tip of the Davidson game, so they could see every move that Curry made. 

Every time Curry touched the ball, the crowd anxiously sat on the edge of their seats, waiting for Curry to nail a 27-foot three-pointer. Unfortunately, the crowd only saw Curry connect on nine shots and miss 18 last night. 

The crowd finally witnessed what they came for during the last five minutes. Curry hit a three-pointer to tie the game at 56 and continued to score 10 consecutive points to lead Davidson past West Virginia. 

Even though the first 35 minutes of Curry's performance were nothing special, he displayed his talent throughout the game. 

West Virginia targeted Curry as their main offensive threat, so they never left more than eight inches of space between Curry and their defender. 

The reason that Curry is so great is because he has one of the quickest releases in college basketball. Even though he missed two-thirds of his shots, he was able to launch 27 shots. 

On occasion, he created space for himself by fooling his defender off the dribble, but the majority of his shots were released in the face of a Mountaineer. 

If Curry found his touch earlier in the game, the Garden crowd would have witnessed another 40-point game from the nation's leading scorer. 

The junior's ability to keep his confidence when his shots were not falling allowed him to score those 13 points down the stretch.

After Curry's efforts defeated West Virginia, Texas and Villanova took the court forwarmups. I had the pleasure of finding empty seats close to the Longhorn's warmuphoop, so I was able to see the smooth stroke of A.J. Abrams up close and personal.

I don't think that Abrams missed a shot during warmups. He started off with some elbow jumpers. His routine continued with leaning jumpers in the lane and three-pointers from every spot on the floor. I never saw him miss.

The game started and seven minutes passed before Abrams was able to free himself for a three-pointer. Before he released the shot, the crowd knew it was going to end up in the net. Of course, the shot fell through.

Abrams only shot 8-18 from the floor last night, but the feeling that he would hit every shot he took stayed with me for the entire game.

His balance is perfect, he looks confident, jumps high, and has a quick release. His shot is the epitome of gorgeous. 

If Abrams was in Curry's situation at Davidson, he would average over 30 points per game. However, there are multiple options at Texas, so he is not always the go-to-guy.

Unfortunately for Abrams, he is only 5'11" at best. He does not have the skills of a point guard, but he would be an NBA shooting guard with a few more inches.

The future of both Curry and Abrams is unclear. Will Curry last in the NBA as an undersized shooting guard or underdeveloped point guard? Will Abrams make an NBA roster?

For now, they have the best shots in college basketball.