Arsenal 2011-2012: Top 5 Goals so Far This Season

Brandon Boyer@iBrandonBoyerContributor IIIJanuary 19, 2012

Arsenal 2011-2012: Top 5 Goals so Far This Season

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    Arsenal have recovered from one of the worst starts to a season in club history, and with this recovery of form, they have scored oodles of goals to help themselves climb the table to be among the elite again. 

    With a tough game against a Manchester United side that has slipped slightly in form and is suffering just as many injury setbacks as the Gunners, a really good rematch from the beginning of the season is well in the works for this Sunday. 

    As Thierry Henry is back in the ranks of the Gunners again, it seems only fitting to take a bit of a look back on the season thus far and choose the best of the best of the 38 goals scored in the league for Arsenal. 

Honorable Mention: Thierry Henry vs. Leeds

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    No Arsenal goal compilation would be complete without the legend that is Thierry Henry. 

    In a storybook script that could have only played out in one way for Gunner players and fans alike, Henry makes his return to the Emirates in the Arsenal red and white and tucks away a Henry special.

    This goal, like the many of the 226 before it, was smooth, beautifully timed, and skillfully put away by one of the best goal poachers to have graced the beautiful game. 

    This goal may not have occurred in the league, but it is a sweet goal, indeed, and deserves an honorable mention on this list. 

5. Robin van Persie vs. Chelsea

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    The Chelsea versus Arsenal game in the first leg of the season proved to be one of the most exciting matches of the season thus far. 

    Robin van Persie showed why he is captain and led the Gunners to a historic 5-3 victory over bitter London rivals Chelsea.

    This goal, his third of the match, put the cherry on top of the icing, on top of the cake that was this victory for Gunners both on and off the field. 

    This counter-attack, akin to those that Arsenal used to use to slaughter defenses during the Invincibles' era, was a bit slow, but the end product was just the same as it would have been seven years ago. 

4. Robin van Persie vs. Chelsea (again)

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    Another Captain Vantastic special from the highlight reel that was the Chelsea versus Arsenal match. 

    Here, van Persie shows us all his predatory instincts, as he pounces on a misplayed back pass to John Terry, side-steps a bewildered Petr Cech and slots home the goal that put the Gunners up 4-3 over the Blues.

    This goal was especially sweet since Terry was not exactly in the grace of the public eye and was viewed as a sweet reward to Arsenal for not giving up on the game and powering through every Chelsea comeback. 

3. Theo Walcott vs. Chelsea

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    Theo Walcott hasn't been one of the best Arsenal players in recent memory, but he does have this habit of showing up randomly to games and scoring absolutely stunning goals.

    This goal in a historic game for the London rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea helped the Gunners on to a much-needed win at a critical point in the season where they were still building confidence.

    Walcott's slight slip-up in front of the Chelsea back line was more than enough to put the Blues on their heels as the England international used his blistering pace to sweep past the likes of fellow international teammate John Terry and slam home a screamer. 

    Well played, Theo. 

2. Robin van Persie vs. Sunderland

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    The human highlight reel that is Robin van Persie, has once again graced the list with an amazing strike versus Sunderland.

    In a game where van Persie helped Arsenal fly out of the gates within the first minute, the Gunners attacked again and again, but the Black Cats matched them step for step, eventually tying the game before halftime. 

    Van Persie has been known to be a free-kick specialist in his time at Arsenal, as well as on the international level. This late-game chance from the Gunner captain helped seal a victory for Arsenal that looked to be heading for a draw. 

    The free kick is showcased in the video at 1:20. 

1. Robin Van Persie vs. Everton

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    Van Persie and his 18-goal tally thus far this Premier League season makes it hard to get other entries on this list for spectacular goals for the Gunners. 

    This volley against Everton is one of the sweetest strikes the Dutch international has ever had, potentially rivaling his super volley against Charlton a few years ago.

    A sweetly chipped lob from Alex Song puts the opportunity on a silver platter for van Persie, as he strikes hard through the ball to tuck it into the back of the net, making this goal the No. 1 entry on this list.