IMPACT 10/27: Hardy & Gail's First Match Back, No. 1 Contender, Twitter (Humor)

Charlie GSenior Writer IOctober 28, 2011

Hello everyone, welcome to IMPACT review number 21! Yes, I actually checked how many previous reviews I have done!

I've had a big week in the #TwitterQuest sense. I got two re-tweets from X Division wrestler, and the "Future of Pro Wrestling," Tony Nese. He's my latest victim in the #TQ.

I also had another re-tweet by Robbie E, and even got into a war of words with current TV Champion Eric Young! I'm not making any of this up. Check my Twitter if you want.

I asked EY if he could forfeit the TV title to Robbie E this week, here's EY's response:

No way then i would look as dumb as u RT   Hey EY, you think you can forfeit the TV title to Robbie next week? I'd be grateful

Eric Young called me dumb? Eric Young?! Really?

Here's my reply:

 "I'd look as dumb as you" Says the guy who fought Scott Baio for the TV title...You suck as champ 

It's on now.

Young said his match with Baio was awesome and that I'm not. So I fired back by saying that I'm more awesome than his past X Division, and current TV title, reign.

Eric then told me to hold the belts, I said I didn't want to tarnish my name with the TV title, and X Division isn't my style. EY ended the argument by calling me awesome and I said congrats on the highest ratings in IMPACT history last week. 

It's done, it's settled. I won. Now review time!

There's a Storm Coming

New World Heavyweight Champion James Storm comes to the ring with a new entrance theme.

He thanks the fans and says it's a dream come true, he then calls out Fortune. He notes that Fortune's theme song says "We're about to change some things," Storm says they sure have.

Storm offers a title match to Bobby Roode since he was screwed by Angle at BFG. Before Roode accepts, Samoa Joe comes out.

Joe says that he deserves a title shot. 

Yeah, he's only gone on the biggest losing streak of his career and lost to Crimson on the biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory. He deserves a title shot. Sure.

Joe asks if Storm will give Roode, AJ, Kazarian and maybe his hillbilly cousin a title shot. Storm says maybe he will.

Joe keeps calling Storm a hillbilly, and Storm calls Joe a stupid b*tch. Oh!

Sting makes a No. 1 contender's match between Roode and Joe. Winner fights Storm for the title next week in Macon, GA! 

(I have a nickname for Macon, but it will be revealed next week!)

Daniels in Denial

Daniels is backstage and says AJ rigged some audio tapes of him for BFG. Daniels denies ever saying "I Quit" at Bound For Glory.

Daniels says he's going to beat Bob Van Dam tonight. That's no typo, he called him Bob! Ha, good one Chris!

Daniels vs. Rob Van Dam

It's a good, old school X Division match. These guys were X Division before there was an X Division after all.

AJ joined Taz and Tenay on commentary.

Daniels keeps ducking and dodging RVD every time he goes for a big move. Frog Splash, Rolling Thunder, whatever. Daniels rolls outside the ring and RVD stupidly follows.

Daniels pulls a tool box of all sorts of things from under the ring.

What else is under the ring?

Daniels hits RVD with the tool box for a disqualification

Winner: By DQ, RVD

After the bell, Daniels pulls out a screwdriver. He motions towards RVD but AJ makes the save and Daniels runs away.

Good match. I just thought Daniels would get the win by pinfall because RVD is kind of irrelevant after BFG. Daniels still has his feud with AJ, and this win would've given him some good momentum.

Karen's Crew

Gail, Karen, Madison and Traci all come out as one not-so happy family.

Whoa. Talk about a little J.A.A.B when Traci walks out. I'll explain J.A.A.B in the comments, okay?

Gail takes a mic and cuts a promo on how she felt unappreciated and is happy to be someplace she can be the best. Little shot towards WWE.

Gail is mad and selfish now. She wants to be the best again.

Karen Jarrett then grants Gail a title match at Turning Point.

Gail Kim vs. Tara

Tara comes out and is Gail's first opponent since her return.

Gail dominates most of the match but Tara starts a little comeback, but it's to no avail. Gail owns Tara in this match.

Gail Kim brought her finisher from WWE to IMPACT Wrestling, and drops Tara with that foot-in-the-face type jaw breaker. You know, this. Eat Defeat, she calls it?

Winner: Gail Kim

It's great to have her back. Yes.

Hi Hardy

Jeff talks about his last time wrestling, being at Victory Road and his opponent tonight, Bully Ray.

Ric and Eric

Ric and Eric sounds like a weird sitcom...

These guys are walking backstage and Ric wants Eric to teach his son Garrett about tough love.

Television Championship

Robbie E w/ Rob Terry vs. Champion, Eric Young

After a tough back and forth argument with EY on Twitter, and him patching things up by calling me awesome, I still want him to lose!

Robbie's hair looks weirder than usual and they debut a new entrance.

Big Rob is little Robbie's bouncer, and they have a velvet-like rope at the end of the ramp. Big Rob opens the rope, Robbie walks through and into the ring. Appropriate entrance for my dude from The Shore.

EY comes out looking like Lumberjack.

The match is fairly short, with Robbie dominating most of the match.

Robbie runs at EY who's in the corner, eats a boot, then gets taken down with a Crucifix pin. Eric Young traveled 500 miles to defend his TV title.

(Watch the posted Lumberjack video to get that last joke)

Winner: Still champion, Eric Young.

Rob and Robbie have a post match attack on the champion. Big Rob holds EY's arms and Robbie tees off on Eric.

EY grabs a mic after the beat down and says he's bringing Ronnie from Jersey Shore next week. Taz marks out for Ronnie for some strange reason...

More Time with Daniels

Daniels is backstage on the phone with someone and says he wants a title shot, when Kazarian comes in with his new beanie.

Kazarian asks Daniels to stop this feud with AJ. Daniels says yeah, sure, whatever.

Yeah right, and Grizzly Adams had a beard.

Bullying Hardy

Bully Ray bashes Jeff Hardy for his moment at Victory Road.

"Rehab is for quitters" is what Ray says...

Interview a Son of a Bisch--

Garrett Bischoff gets a little interview and recap of his past.

He talks about how he helped his dad and Immortal the entire time. We flashback to Turning Point and Final Resolution last year, when he saved Immortal from losing the world title.

Garrett asks, "Who wants to beat up their dad? Who wants to hit an old man?" 

Sounds like a challenge if you ask me. Anyone want to hit old people to prove something to Garrett?

Family Feud

Eric Bischoff comes out and calls out Garrett.

Eric says he forgives Garrett, but he wants a public apology in front of everyone. Garrett says no but Eric tells him he'll give him some time to think about it.

The choices are a.) Garrett apologizes or b.) Eric kicks Garrett's ass. 

After some commercials, Flair wants to see Garrett say sorry or he'll kick his ass, too. Garrett seems very respectful of Flair backstage, though.

Lesson learned, respect your elders or they'll kick your ass. My grandma told me she'll kick my ass one time and I laughed at that thought.

Jeff and Jeff: Round 3. Fight!

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring and he's still the AAA Heavyweight Champion? Damn, does he ever defend that thing?

Jarrett bashes Jeff Hardy some more.

A video package for Hardy's new DVD had just aired, Jarrett asks why Hardy's performance at Victory Road wasn't in it.

Better, he asked why Hardy's match from Turning Point 2006 wasn't in it. Why? Hardy never showed up for Turning Point 2006! I never knew that, thanks for the history lesson JJ. Interesting.

Jeff Hardy comes out and brawls with Jarrett again. Security comes out, but they're awful at their jobs and fail every time. Some one give Murphy his security t-shirt back!

Bully Ray comes out and we have a match.

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

This was one of my favorite matches of the night.

It went back and forth with good action, and Hardy didn't seem to miss a step.

After a Twist of Fate and a Swanton, Hardy wins.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Christy Hemme goes for a post match interview with Hardy, but Jarrett attacks through the crowd. He and Bully Ray beat Hardy down and introduce a table.

Bully has Super Bomb in mind, and just as they set up for it, Mr. Anderson comes out.

The Charismatic A-Holes unite!

No. 1 Contender's match

Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode

Joe and Roode put on another good MotN (Match of the Night) quality showing. Though Joe doesn't really deserve this match, he does well.

There's good back and forth and Roode tried for a cross face a few times but failed.

Samoa Joe grabbed Roode in a Muscle Buster, but Roode reversed it and hit Joe with the Pay-Off for the win. Good match.

Winner: New No 1. Contender, Bobby Roode

James Storm walks to the entrance ramp. Beer Money partners make eye contact and show mutual respect for each other.

Storm leaves Roode a cold one on the entrance ramp before walking off.

Respect Your Elders!

Eric Bischoff comes out and says it's decision time for Garrett.

Garrett comes out and says he won't apologize and Eric slaps him. Garrett grabs Eric by his shirt and looks to hit him.

Ric Flair comes out and spins Garrett around. Flair starts pushing Garrett. Garrett knocks out Flair in one shot, but Eric low blows him from behind and the old guy beat down Garrett to close the show.

The crowd chanted for Hogan during the beat down, but Hogan was a no show.

Overall, it was a good episode of IMPACT. I feel like Turning Point can be a pretty big pay-per-view at the rate they're going. I like it.


  • Storm's opening promo
  • Daniels vs. BVD
  • Gail Kim looked strong
  • TV title match
  • The Bischoff's on the mic. Mainly Eric.
  • Jarrett calling out Hardy again
  • Bully Ray vs. Hardy
  • Joe vs. Roode
  • Wrestling definitely mattered tonight
  • No Hulk Hogan


  • Why does Joe get a No. 1 contender's match? Oh well, it was a good match.
  • Daniels lost
  • Daniels in denial
  • TV title match was too short, and who the hell needs Ronnie?
  • Jarrett and Hardy brawl again
  • Garrett gets his ass kicked


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