20 Hottest Sports Halloween Costumes

Ed OrzaCorrespondent IIOctober 30, 2011

20 Hottest Sports Halloween Costumes

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    Every year on October 31st women all over the country let their inner hottie out. 

    The sexy sports Halloween costume is one of the staples of the hot costume world. 

    This list spans a broad spectrum. 

    There's the sexy ref and cheerleaders, but there's also some you might not expect. 


20. Hot Karate Chick

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    Nunchucks, hotness, karate. 

    I'm down.

19. Basketball

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    This is a liberal interpretation of a basketball player.

    Those Chuck-inspired heels are pretty sweet, though. 

18. Varsity Jacket Girl

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    The varsity jacket may be cheesy and outdated, but a beautiful woman can pull anything off.  

    There's also the phenomenon of girls looking good in guys clothing. Beware, this does not always apply, but must be determined on a case by case basis. 

17. Ring Girl

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    The ring girl outfit is already sexy so this is pretty much a no-brainer. 

16. Jockey

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    In reality, jockeys are pretty creepy looking, but this sheds an entirely new light on things.  

    There's a lot of potential in the riding pants look.  

    OK, maybe not, but it's all good. 

15. Baseball Player

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    There's no doubt this costume is hot, but hitting on a girl with a baseball bat is a dangerous dance. 

14. Roller Derby

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    Honestly, I don't really associate roller derby with anything sexy.  

    This girl's changing my mind even in this goofy gear.

13. Sexy Hunter

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    Blown away when I discovered this one. 

    The concept of a sexy hunter costume is pretty hilarious. 

    Shorty is holding it down, though. 

12. Bullfighter

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    Another ensemble I was suprised to discover. 

    I'm pretty sure this matador could stop a bull in its tracks without that red cape. 

11. Soccer

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    The World Cup is one of the greatest spectacles in all of sports. 

    A glorious bonus of the cup is that the most astoundingly beautiful women of the world flock to its stage. 

    It only makes sense there should be a sexy soccer costume.

10. Football Player

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    I played football for most of my life.  

    This girl looks a little better in her pants than I would.

9. Skier

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    She might want to grab a fleece or something. 

8. Race Car Driver

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    Racing has an intimate relationship with beautiful women. 

    This is doing that tradition proud.  Hopefully she's not driving after the weekend's festivities. 

7. Boxer

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    Boxing is a brutal sport full of grotesque injuries.

    This form of the sweet science is headed in an entirely different direction.

6. Flag Girl

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    The flag girl, a hot staple of the racing world. 

    There will be more than a few guys around the country trying not to finish too soon this Halloween weekend. 

5. Sexy Ref

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    Referees have the toughest job in sports.  

    When they do their job well they exist in the shadows, and when they make a mistake they become a mortal enemy of those they have scorned.

    I have a feeling this ref might get a break from the crowd. 

4. Tennis

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    Women's tennis produces some sultry athletes.  

    The woman in this picture may have no idea how to play tennis, but she's pulling the outfit off for sure. 

3. The Jersey Girl

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    Ah, the power of a hot girl in a jersey. 

    Without fail, there will be a chick out this weekend who will go with this "costume."  Add the obligatory eye black and I'm not complaining.

2. Golfer

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    Golf is another sport which has its share of beauties who can actually play the game. 

    Sign me up for her country club. 

1. Cheerleader

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    The cheerleader. 

    What is there to say? 

    Synonymous with sports and sex, the cheerleading costume is the Joe Montana of hot sports Halloween costumes; it's untouchable.


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