2012 NFL Draft: 5 Best Prospects from BCS' Worst Schools

Scott SewellCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2011

2012 NFL Draft: 5 Best Prospects from BCS' Worst Schools

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    Great talent is not confined to the Top 25. 

    There are several great college football players that go under the radar every season because their team isn't having the success that it should.  If ESPN's College GameDay doesn't come to town, then you aren't likely to hear much about these players.

    Be that as it may, It's important to not let their great play go unnoticed. 

    Don't groan or boo when you hear these players names announced on draft day.  They might be exactly what your team needs to get to the next level.

    Here are five of the best players from bad BCS football schools.

Nick Foles, QB, Arizona

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    Nick Foles has quietly had an amazing season for the Wildcats.  He's thrown for 2,500 yards with 18 touchdowns and only five interceptions.

    Foles is 6'5'', 245 pounds and has been great this year at spreading the ball around.  He consistently utitilizes his tight ends and running backs, and that has helped open up big pass plays for Dan Buckner and Juron Criner.

    Expect Foles to be taken late in the second round or early in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Juron Criner, WR, Arizona

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    As discussed previously, Arizona has had a rough season.

    Criner came into the season as the No. 1 target for the Wildcats and he caught 82 passes for over 1,200 yards last year, so he isn't able to surprise anybody in the Pac-12 anymore.

    His yards per game average have dipped a bit this year, but he still has a legitimate shot at 1,000 yards and double digit touchdowns (36 receptions for 441 yards and six touchdowns in 2011 to this point).

    NFL scouts will undoubtedly be drawn to his 6'4'', 210-pound frame that makes him the perfect size for an NFL wide receiver.

    Expect Criner to be drafted in the late third to early fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Casey Hayward, CB, Vanderbilt

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    Casey Hayward is one of the top cornerbacks in the 2012 draft class. 

    His number of tackles have dipped a bit this year, but that's simply because teams aren't throwing to his side of the field.

    On the other hand, his interceptions are track for a big increase.  Last year he had six interceptions, but he already has five through seven games this season.

    He's had great games against Connecticut and South Carolina this season, even scoring a touchdown in the game against the Huskies.

    Expect Hayward to get drafted in the early second round in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Winston Guy Jr, Safety, Kentucky

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    The Kentucky Wildcats have been their usual mediocre self, but Winston Guy Jr. is definitely not to blame for their woes.

    Guy had 105 tackles and three interceptions last year, and has started the 2011 season just hot.  He already has 79 tackles, two interceptions and one sack this season for the 3-4 Wildcats.

    Guy has accumulated double digits in tackles in all but one game this season so far.

    Expect him to get drafted late in the second or early third round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Kelechi Osemele, Offensive Lineman, Iowa State

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    Kelechi Osemele is a big dude.  I mean, BIG.

    He's struggled a bit this year, but scouts love his size and universally project him to be a first or second round pick.

    At 6'6'', 347 pounds he is already big enough to start right away in the NFL.

    He's looking to become just the second Cyclone to ever be drafted in the first round and expect Osemele to be drafted in the middle of the first round of the 2012 NFL draft.