Harry Redknapp: The Next England Manager? Why Spurs Should Keep Him

Wesley LewisContributor IIOctober 28, 2011

Harry Redknapp: The Next England Manager? Why Spurs Should Keep Him

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    What an interesting question. This topic has been the talk of the town at White Hart Lane and there seems to be no real consensus among Spurs fans on whether he should stay or go.

    Most England fans, I'm sure, would agree that Redknapp would do a great job as the England manager. That's not what I'm here to talk about. The purpose of this article is to discuss why he should stay at the Lane.

Finally, Some Consistency as a Top Club

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    In the last three years, Tottenham has shown glimpses of becoming a top club in the Premier League. This, for the most part, I would attribute to the man in charge. Harry Redknapp certainly seems to have the golden touch at the Lane, a talent that no Spurs fan can deny.

    The task ahead, assuming he stays, or any manager at Tottenham for that matter, is to consistently finish in the top four. In the event that this is not attainable, fifth will do. If not fifth, then sixth. 

    Obviously, this is the goal of any Premier League manager, but with Spurs, like several other clubs, it's a real possibility. Redknapp has done well to lift Tottenham to the Champions League and now must keep the club there after a year off.

    Therefore, he must stay. 

Building a Fanbase

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    As far as fans go, success breeds success. Why do the biggest clubs have the most fans? They win. If Manchester United are relegated in the next few years to League Two and stay there, where will their fans go? Yes, some will stay, but fans want to see their team win.

    It's easy to be a fair-weather fan, but that is the truth of fandom—many will jump ship when the losses start rolling in. Success breeds success.

    What does 'Arry have to do with this? Well, the success part means a lot. He brings the success that the fans want to follow. Whether or not some fans like Redknapp as their manager, one thing is for certain, he has led the team to the most successful couple of seasons in the last decade, if not longer.

Bringing in and Keeping Top Players

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    Everyone remembers the Modric saga. History may look back and smile at the results—or not. One thing is sure, however: acquiring and keeping top players is essential to becoming a top club.

    This is exactly what Harry Redknapp has done. He's kept Modric and Bale and acquired Van der Vaart, Parker and Adebayor (on loan). This is a great foundation to building a world-class team, which is his goal, no doubt.

Honor or Desire

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    It's obviously a huge honor to manage the England team. The questions remains, however, if the FA approach Redknapp with the England job, will he have the guts to turn them down?

    Even if he wants to stay at Spurs, if England come knocking, can he hold his ground? 

    I would certainly not like to see Redknapp leave, but he very well could. This is the harsh reality for Spurs fans. Cue articles about who can replace him...