WWE: The Best Of 2008

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IDecember 10, 2008

Well what a year it has been. This is been one of the better years for the (disputed) sport since the end of the Monday Night Wars. At least from a writing standpoint. WWE actually stepped it up this year although there is still allot of room for improvement (Turn Cena heel already), but Rome wasn't built in a day. So here are my favorite moments in wrestling from 2008.

You can't keep a good "Work Horse" down...

We kicked the year off with the Royal Rumble and there was no ONE person that the fans had in mind to win the "Rumble". As I watched the match I began running out of possible 30 entrants. Thats the little game I play through out the match. 

Taker and HBK started things off.  Batista and Kennedy came out earlier too. Triple H was the one who I thought would enter No. 30, but HHH ended up coming out at No. 29 and after that your guess was as good as mine.

As the 10 second clock counted down I still had no clue who the final entrant was and as the buzzer went off I heard the music. That music I had heard so many times before. It was John Cena and the second I saw him I knew who was going to Wrestlemania. The crowd went nuts when he stepped into the arena. No one saw this coming and it shocked me, which is a rarity.

Saying goodbye to a man with Flair...

Ric Flair is a national treasure in the wrestling business. He is our link to the past,a  diffrent time. Sometimes you have to be man enough to step away from the thing you love the most in order to truly appreciate it. That is what Ric Flair did.

We all knew that once his "Win or Retire" angle began that Wrestlemania 24 would be the last time we would see Mr. Flair in a WWE ring and how fitting it was that his last dance would be with "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels.

The two put on one of the most emotional matches I, as a fan, have ever seen in my 10 years of watching wrestling. Ric Falir left us with so many memories. Who knows maybe "The Nature Boy" will come back to the WWE someday.

Lion Heart and the Heart Break Kid...

When you think of wrestling in 2008 in the years to come your going to think of this feud. I guarantee it. Chris Jericho had been back for several months when himself and HBK found themselves staring each other.

This was the turning point in his return. The two had every type of match and every possible angle you could think of. There was so much freedom in the promos and everything just felt a 100 times better than everything else on Raw. Probably because it was.

He is the funniest man "of all the times..."

Santino Marella may not be a good wrestler, but when it comes to entertaining the fans he is on top of my list.

The way he speaks the way he carries himself is hilarious. Every night he comes out to the ring with such an air of confidence that you can't help but laugh at every dumb thing he says. He has been pure gold this year. I hope they keep this guy around (maybe as a color commentator?).

A Punk walked the Edge...

The week after the draft was a very strange one indeed. All of the wrestlers were on every show and things were very jumbled up.

Both World titles were retained at Night of Champions and were presumably going to Smackdown until a boastful Edge showed up on Raw to rub his victory over Batista in everyone's faces. Of course "The Animal" would not stand for this and rushed the ring and tour Edge to shreds.

As Batista walked up the ramp most were convinced that this was the end of the segment and Smackdown was now home to two world titles. Well, we were wrong. Just as Batista walked away from the ring CM Punk's music sounded and we all knew what was next. Punk ran to the ring and as quickly as he could gave Edge the GTS and pinned him for his first World Heavyweight Championship. Sounds familiar doesn't it Edge.

Its a bird, its a plane...

When I first saw Evan Bourne in action on Raw (I don't get SiFi) I was blown away by this kid’s athleticism. He moved like he had strings attached to him and there was someone pulling the strings form the rafters.

I have been impressed with some of the new guys this year (Kofi Kingston, Koslov, and Dahl Zigler), but Bourne has got what it takes to be a champion. I look forward to seeing how the rest of his WWE career unfolds. He has been a breath of fresh air this year.

New dog, same old tricks...

After news broke that Jeff Hardy was found unconscious in his hotel, we all feared the worst. The fans know of Hardy's rocky past and they knew that he has been suspended for violating the drug policy twice and most assumed this was the last straw.

So instead of the Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series we were treated to a one on one match between Triple H and Koslov. The matched drug along for around 12 minutes when, who else, Vickie Guerrero walked onto the stage stating that this match would be a triple threat match after all.

Then we heard it, "You think you know me" and Edge walked out and stormed the ring spearing everything in sight including Jeff Hardy who, accidentally, helped Edge win the WWE Championship in true "Edge Fashion".

Well I for one enjoyed this year of wrestling especially since joining the Bleacher Report where I can voice my ideas and opinions to the world, or at least the few people that read my articles. I look forward to 2009 hoping it will be even better than this year. Fingers crossed.