Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders: Their Hottest Pics Ever

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIOctober 28, 2011

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders: Their Hottest Pics Ever

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    As the Kansas City Chiefs continue to fight for prominence amidst a plethora of crucial injuries, they are supported by a throng of sexy cheerleaders who are often seen vigorously prancing around Arrowhead Stadium, flaunting their beauty.

    While fans may come to see the feisty Chiefs battle for recognition, it's the established cheer squad that undeniably gets them the most excited.

    It's seemingly the best of both worlds for Kansas City fans. They get to watch their favorite warriors claw and scratch for respect, while getting pumped up by a beautiful array of graceful cheerleaders.

    They are perhaps the backbone of the Chiefs.

    Here are the hottest pics ever of the sexy cheer squad.


25. Built for the Game

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    With moves like this, there is essentially no need for football to be played at all.

    However, the Chiefs' lack of toughness in the trenches has not only led to a No. 25 ranking in rushing defense, but it has undoubtedly presented fans and the front office with a dilemma.

    They might want to give this athletic beast a chance on the defensive line.

24. Leader of the Pack

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    As the No. 22-rated quarterback (80.7) and the No. 25-ranked signal-caller in yards passing (1,106), former USC backup Matt Cassel will be counted on to improve upon his lacking play and rally the team.

    It's debatable whether it's better for him to look to the sidelines for motivation or avoid the distractions altogether.

23. What Doesn't Kill Them Makes Them Stronger

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    Not only are the Chiefs without their star running back and fearless safety for the season, but the team placed tight end Tony Moeaki and linebackers Brandon Siler and Gabe Miller on injured reserve as well, presenting the team with quite the uphill battle.

    While their cheerleaders clearly don't doubt their ability to properly face adversity, they are undoubtedly nervous for a potential nail-biter this week against the division-rival Chargers.

    This could be a make-or-break game for both teams.

22. Not so Discrete

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    It's ubiquitous knowledge around the league that cameramen aim to catch every angle with their lens, grabbing every in-action moment on the field.

    This angle is perhaps the most surprising for these cheerleaders, as they have no idea the shot is being taken.

    We'd love to see a photo of the cameraman sprawled out on the ground during his attempt at subtlety.

21. What You Talkin' 'Bout Willis

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    There's nothing sexier than a cheerleader or vivacious fan wearing the jersey of a lesser-known player.

    This fearless supporter may be the only fan who remembers offensive guard Donald Willis.

    He may have only had six starts in his NFL career, but his one fumble recovery must have had an impact on this cheerleader.

    We respect her jersey choice.

20. Yearning for the Spotlight

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    While injuries certainly played a role in the team's horrendous start, the lack of direction on the field and the dancing that seemingly occurred during each play could've also had an impact.

    That may be taken out of context, but it still seems like nothing stops this cheer squad from making their presence known.

    Their careless attitude is perhaps their best asset.

19. A Positive Effect

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    While she may seem to be featuring a hesitant smile that reeks of doubt, this cheerleader is realistically spreading her optimism to the beleaguered crowd.

    The fans are undoubtedly welcoming her with open arms, as she keeps them feeling positive.

18. A Cohesive Unit

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    While they are ranked No. 18 in total defense, the Chiefs' No. 26 ranking in total offense is arguably more worrisome.

    However, their rushing game, known as the team's backbone, has kept them afloat despite losing leading-rusher Jamaal Charles (second in the league with 1,467 yards in 2010). 

    Jackie Battle (232 yards), Dexter McCluster (210 yards) and Thomas Jones (185 yards) have kept the running game strong.

    These cheerleaders were undeniably the fuel behind the fire.

17. The Season Has Just Begun

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    After a 10-6 record and an AFC wild-card loss to the Baltimore Ravens to finish last season, the Chiefs and their fans expected quite the encore.

    While 2011 didn't start as they had hoped, the cheerleaders seemingly never wavered and clearly never lost hope.

    Now at 3-3, it's essentially a new season for optimistic Kansas City fans.

    The cheerleaders will have to hold their own from here on out.

16. Strong Depth Is Key

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    With every NFL season comes a healthy diet of injuries to many teams.

    Unfortunately for some of them, depth to cover the crucial losses is lacking.

    The Chiefs, however, have a strong unit of cheerleaders to hold the team together.

    Playing is superfluous; it's their aura that keeps everyone confident.

15. A Team Player

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    This must have been the expression on every fans' face when safety Kendrick Lewis returned a fluttering Kyle Boller pass 58 yards for a touchdown.

    While this cheerleader has seemingly perfected the awkward face, she gives fans even more of a reason to smile.

    Until your tongue is flailing about, you're clearly not offering enough team support.

14. Expanding the Strikezone

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    If LIFE magazine is willing to spend a costly picture on them, then it's clear this voluptuous cheer squad has what it takes to dominate the field.

    While it's unclear why they are stretching out their bandannas, we aren't disapproving of the unique style.

13. Everyone Has Their Role

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    After finishing the 2009 season with five interceptions, cornerback Brandon Flowers tailed off last year with only two picks, albeit one for a 33-yard touchdown.

    With Eric Berry out for the season, however, Flowers has seemingly stepped it up with four interceptions in an effort to carry the load, cementing himself as an elite corner.

    They'll need their cheerleaders to hold up their end as well.

12. A Hesitant Confidence

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    While she is expressing an iconic smile, this Chiefs cheerleader seemingly has a curious tilt to her eyes that reeks of doubt.

    She has no doubt in her 3-3 team, but rather in the loudness of the fans.

    Perhaps she isn't cheering hard enough.

11. It's Becoming a Tight Race

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    With the Oakland Raiders placing their future on rusty quarterback Carson Palmer, the San Diego Chargers playing inconsistent ball and Denver Broncos naturally sliding back into oblivion, the AFC West is seemingly up for grabs.

    If the Chiefs cheerleaders move fast enough, perhaps they can spark up enough energy to motivate this team during their battle for first place.

10. Commitment to Excellence

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    While the pink is a nice touch that needs to be implemented for the whole season, it's this cheerleader's breathtaking attire that excites the crowd.

    Despite an average of 70,843 fans intently watching these accomplished cheerleaders, they never lose their focus.

    They have mastered their craft.

9. Intimidating the Opponent

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    While the middle cheerleader's baffling smile may be disturbing for young fans, her partners' unrelenting support surely eclipses any fear from the crowd.

    It's not as if the fans can spot this smile from the stands either way.

    The opposing team is undoubtedly petrified.

8. A Diamond in the Rough

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    While their defense hasn't quite been as good as the No. 11-ranked unit of last season, they have still gotten stellar play from defensive end Tamba Hali, who currently has four of the team's six sacks.

    Perhaps they need an influx of intimidating components to complete a defense that preaches toughness.

    This cheerleader could undoubtedly be the first piece to the puzzle.

7. Chief of the Tribe

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    While quarterback Matt Cassel may be the face of the franchise, this beautiful cheerleader is seemingly the leader of the fanbase.

    When she graces the sidelines with vigorous cheer, the fans pay attention.

6. The Head of the Clan

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    Any dedicated fan who is willing to enter the field of play on an elegant horse while aggressively showing off the team's logo on a flag deserves recognition.

    Not only is this rarely seen during a game of pigskin, but it looks even better when the leader of a beautiful cheer squad is the one in control of the horse.

    The players are undoubtedly jealous.

5. A Class Act

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    In case any fans weren't paying attention, this will surely attract their zealous eyes.

    This cliched look features relaxed hair over the face, blissful ignorance and iconic posture.

    An oldie but a goodie.

4. No. 1 Option

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    While the team has faced plenty of adversity so far this season, one bright spot has been wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.

    With 496 yards and four touchdowns in six games, the former LSU standout continues to establish himself as Matt Cassel's favorite target.

    This cheerleader could easily become the fans' favorite target.

3. A Strong Supporting Cast

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    After an 0-3 start in which they lost prolific running back Jamaal Charles and ball-hawking safety Eric Berry for the rest of the season, the Chiefs fought back and reached .500 by shutting out the potent Oakland Raiders 28-0.

    There cheerleaders are clearly always by their side, their optimism never dwindling.

2. God's Gift to the Field

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    It's safe to say cheerleaders keep angry fans from fighting each other, as well as dissecting each of the team's miscues.

    This perfect sight is all that is needed to keep fans satisfied in their seats.

    All she has to do is show up.

1. So Fresh, so Clean

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    As sexy as her outfit may be, this cheerleader attracts an audience with her glistening white teeth that shine in front of an eager crowd.

    Apparently she remembered to floss as a young Chiefs fan.