Amazing Soccer Goal Video: Watch UCSB's Tim Pontius Strike from Long Range

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Come on keeper, you have to be on your toes when the opposition has possession of the ball 61 yards out. Okay, being asleep at the wheel when the ball is past midfield is forgivable.

After all, nobody could have expected UCSB's Tim Pontius to blast in a 61-yard masterpiece against UC Davis.

That's exactly what happened though. It's rare that you find a player with the audacity to even attempt that shot. The fact that it actually sailed over the keeper's head is mind boggling.

There are certain players a coach gives the green light to. "If you see your shot, take it." Pontius saw an opening from past midfield and delivered in absurd fashion.

Message sent.

Everyone who plays UCSB has to be alert at all times. To say they've got guys on their squad who have unlimited range is the understatement of the century.

Pontius was able to knock in the goal of the year in the Gauchos' 3-1 victory. It came at the expense of keeper Omar Zeenni, who thought it was safe to come off his line and expose the net.

This doesn't stand as an epic failure for Zeenni as much as it is a testament to Pontius' ridiculous leg power.

Regardless of what happens to UCSB for the rest of the season or how well UC Davis does, both schools' 2011 seasons are going to be remembered for this goal.

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