Purdue Football: Will the Boilermakers Make a Bowl Game This Season?

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2011

Purdue Football: Will the Boilermakers Make a Bowl Game This Season?

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    With Purdue's season starting the way it did this year, with a close win against Middle Tennessee State and then a loss at Rice, many Boilermakers fans thought the season was lost, and I have to admit, so did I. But all may not be lost for this season. 

    So can the Boilermakers make a bowl game this season, or is it yet another year with no postseason for this troubled team. 

Already Have 4 Wins

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    Although an outsider would laugh at this statement, for a Purdue fan this is just a reality of life. We have four wins, which is actually not too bad with the grim season outlook at the beginning of the year. 

    With four wins, and five games to play, the odds of winning two more are actually pretty high. 

IU on the Schedule

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    Although this is a rivalry game and anything can happen, this is a good thing for Purdue's chances of a bowl game this year. 

    With IU on the schedule, there will be a good shot for at least five wins this season, as the Hoosiers are extremely down this season. 

    They have a record of 1-7 and have just played godawful this season, hopefully they get a win in the Big 10 before they play Purdue however. 


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    The past three games have been very encouraging to watch.

    The Boilermakers seem to have made some big strides since the beginning of the season.  

    They came out and played well against Penn State and beat Minnesota and ranked Illinois. This is encouraging to the Purdue fan. If they can keep improving this might just have big implications for the Boilers. 


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    The Boilermakers defense is great this season, just as everyone expected. Although it has had its off moments, and has been outmatched and burnt, for example by Michael Floyd, the defense has been pretty decent.

    Believe it or not, Purdue's defense is ranked in the Top 25 in the nation for allowing the fewest points against, giving up on average 20 points per game. 


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    Finally Danny Hope has a team that seems to be healthy, and we can see what one of his teams can do without the constant injuries setting them back.

    Knock on wood for the Boilermakers that this stays consistent throughout the rest of the season however. 

Play Calling Is Improving

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    This is probably the biggest beef I have with the Purdue program right now, the play calling. 

    I'm not so sure if Danny Hope realizes that a bubble screen on 3rd down and 8, usually isn't the best call when trying to win the game, but against Illinois, it was better.

    Although there were a few head scratchers, it got a little better against Illinois, which is hopefully a sign for the future. 

The Question: Will Purdue Make a Bowl or Not?

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    Although this may seem way out on a limb, I think the answer is yes.

    Purdue seems to have made the strides as a team, and is really clicking on all cylinders right now. Although the Boilermakers don't have the greatest level of talent, they seem to be finally playing as a team and playing well.

    Some people may call me crazy, but I think this is the season Purdue finally breaks the long bowl drought and finally makes a smaller level bowl game.

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