BCS Rankings 2011: Oregon Ducks Still Need Dominos to Fall for Repeat Title Trip

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2011

EUGENE, OR - OCTOBER 06:  DeAnthoy Thomas #5 of the Oregon Ducks celebrates a toiuchdown against the California Golden Bears in the 1st quarter on October 6, 2011 at the Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

As November draws closer for the Ducks, they find themselves in a much different position than they did last year.

This year, the Ducks are currently sitting at No. 7 in the BCS rankings unlike last year when the Ducks were in the top spot and knew that winning out would virtually guarantee them a spot in the title game. 

The road back to the title game is much more complicated and the Ducks need so much more to break their way in this year. 

With six teams in front of them, the Ducks need to win out the rest of the way, which will allow them to jump Stanford and only leave five teams in the way. 

Next, a late season loss for Clemson and Boise State will be needed as well. In Boise State's case, the Ducks will need a team to come out of nowhere and surprise them much like Nevada did last year. Clemson on the other hand, will still play Georgia Tech and possibly in the ACC title game. 

That now leaves Oklahoma State, LSU and Alabama. When it comes to Oklahoma State, a loss to Oklahoma at the end of the year may be all it takes especially with how late in the year it would come.

Now comes the really crazy and confusing part for the Ducks. 

In the opening week of the year, Oregon dropped a game to the LSU Tigers and many people believed that the Ducks were once again outmatched by the SEC. With LSU and Alabama ahead of them, the Ducks will ultimately hope for an Alabama win and for them to go undefeated.

Here's why:

The voters have shown that when two great teams go up against each other, they are unlikely to allow them to meet again in the national championship. With this being the past precedent, Oregon fans would hope for the Crimson Tide to run the table and prevent the Tigers from being conference champions.

While this is a lot to hope for, two undefeated teams have dropped games in the past two weeks and you never know what might happen. For now, the Ducks must stay focused on the task at hand—defeating Washington State and making sure they finish the season with one loss and a third straight conference title.