A-Rod Or K-Rod: Which Rodriguez Will Be More Successful in New York?

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

Now Let it be known that I am a fan of the New York Metropolitans so before you read this know that I will be a little biased, but I am going to try to look at this as fairly as I can.

You obviously can't make a direct comparison of A-Rod and K-Rod because ones a closer and the others a power hitting third baseman, but I think that you can have this valid argument for discussion: Who is going to be the more successful New Yorker: A-Rod or K-Rod?

I'm going to have to go with K-Rod.

The Mets + great closer = 2008 World Series champs.

And it will have a lot to do with the man pictured above. If K-Rod was on the Mets last year, the Mets would have won the world series hands down. Now I know that he has done nothing with my favorite club just yet, but I believe that he is a perfect fit, and will help lead the team to a division title because we finally have a stopper in the ninth. However, Omar MUST get people to bridge to gap to K-Rod in order for this to happen.

K-Rod WILL have a more successful tenure in New York because he's going to come through for the Mets, unlike A-Rod and his Yankees.

Alex Rodriguez is a curse. He's never going to win a championship in his career. I'm probably going to jinx him by writing it, but he truly is THE LORD OF NO RINGS...

He had a miserable year last year and I think it's only the beginning of his downward spiral of his tenure with the club. No way in hell do I see him fulfilling all of the years on his contract.

Fans love him when he does good, but when he CHOKES in October every year, fans want to boot him out.

So what's making me think that something is going to change?


A-Rod did have a clutch 2007, but did nothing to help out in the playoffs as the yanks got eliminated again in the first round.

Now K-Rod, he helped lead the Angels to a World Series so he has a track record unlike his new cross-town  same last named rival.

His fire will give the Mets a must needed jolt, and he is one of the final pieces of a New York Metropolitan Championship.

What do you think? Discuss below!