You Can Have Your K-Rod: I'll Take Brad Lidge and Turn the Lights Out

B MacCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

Hey Mets fans! Shut up already. You signed K-Rod—we get it. We all watch SportsCenter in the morning. We all watch Around the Horn and PTI in the evening. So shut up already.

You guys paid way too much for a closer that, yeah, set the record for most saves in a single season, but he blew around 10 of them. Not to mention most of those saves were coming with the opposing team already "beaten." Do you really need a closer against the Mariners, Royals, Athletics, Rangers, and Orioles? 

Besides, haven't you people learned your lessons from the previous two years? I guess not...because you all still think one big name pitcher will save your sorry asses. Look at the past two years with your big name people.

1) Billy Wagner: hasn't done jack for you people except ride the pine, complain that "Pat Burrell is a 'One-Track Hitter,'" and blow save after save (especially when they really needed him to close the game).

2) Johan Santana: Yeah, he may have won 16 games last season, but without a reputable bullpen of sorts, what good does an ace do if the bullpen implodes and blows up halfway through the season?

The Mets just haven't been the same since Tom Seaver retired.

Back to the core of argument: Mets fans, you can have your K-Rod—I'll take Lidge and turn the lights out. Don't come screaming on a comment saying, "Well, Lidge isn't gonna stay perfect for long. He will blow a save." I know that...thank you Captain Obvious and Corporal Dumb Ass.

Yes, Brad Lidge will blow a save (or two, or three, etc.) eventually, but it's better than having your closer blow saves when you really need him not to. K-Rod blows anywhere from five to seven saves a season. In the postseason K-Rod has an ERA around five.

Yes, yes, I know, Mets fans: Don't bother mentioning the home runs that Pujols and the White Sox hit off Lidge. Your "Oh, he must be so psychologically affected that he can't close a game anymore" is just wrong. All those home runs were guess what: just home runs. You know: bad pitches, hung sliders, pitches that go over the wall? Everyone makes bad pitches.

So to sum it all up: Shut up, Mets fans. Because until you win something, then you can brag about it. Until then, shut up about how your bullpen is stronger than my throwing arm. Because at least I know my coach can get four innings of shutdown baseball coming out of the 'pen—whereas your bullpen can't go one without tossing up a fat one.

"The baseball gods were not with us today..."- Mets Reliever Aaron Heilman

"In Korea, no one swing at 3-0 fastball down the middle of the plate"- some Korean New York Mets Reliever