Fantasy Football Sell-High, Buy-Low Quarterback Options You Need To Consider

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2011

Philip Rivers is 18th among fantasy quarterbacks so far this season -- a far cry from the top 5 expectations most of us had heading into the season. But expect Rivers to bounce back, especially now that his favorite toy, Antonio Gates, is healthy again.
Philip Rivers is 18th among fantasy quarterbacks so far this season -- a far cry from the top 5 expectations most of us had heading into the season. But expect Rivers to bounce back, especially now that his favorite toy, Antonio Gates, is healthy again.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It was getting a little cheesy around the world headquarters today. American cheesy. At the local grocery store, I noticed a three-pound block of the generic store brand of American cheese was on sale for $12.95.

Which was ridiculous to someone like me who purchases name brand American cheese at a local discount store in five-pound blocks for $11.95.

Finding similar bargains can save your fantasy football season. I laid out a step-by-step process to get the upper hand in trade negotiations last week. Check that out and then come back here for specific buy-low and sell-high quarterback candidates.

Buy low: Philip Rivers, SD. Who would have thought that after seven weeks of action that Rivers would be 18th among all fantasy QBs? He’s been outscored by guys such as Jay Cutler and Colt McCoy so far in leagues where TDs count for six points each.

But Rivers still has top-five QB ability any given week. Vincent Jackson is still there. Antonio Gates finally found the field and produced well last week. Moving forward, Rivers will have his old crew back around him. Get him now before it is too late.

Buy low: Matt Cassel, KC. Not too long ago, I suggested Cassel as a Week 7 emergency start option. And why not? He had a great matchup against an Oakland team expected to run up a big score and force the Chiefs to play catchup. He had elite receiver Dwayne Bowe, upstart Steve Breaston and rookie uber-talent Jonathan Baldwin at his disposal.

And then, 161 yards and two interceptions later, Cassel produces just two fantasy points in most scoring formats and falls even further on the overall stock list.

So now you can get him even cheaper than before. I still love his schedule moving forward (a game against the Chargers this week may be a little tough), he still has a trio of receivers with solid potential and the Chiefs won’t be pulling off too many 28-0 blowouts like they miraculously did last week against the Raiders.

Buy low: Andy Dalton, CIN. Everyone is so focused on fellow-rookie Cam Newton’s breakout season and the impressive showing last week of rookie Christian Ponder, that Dalton seems to get overlooked in too many leagues.

He has shown the ability to produce consistent stats lately and, coming off his Week 7 bye, he should be primed for a solid second half moving forward.

Sell high: Josh Freeman, TB. OK, Freeman coming off a four-INT game isn’t exactly at a high point. But the same Freeman that scored 24 points the previous week was.

This is not something I would have ever expected prior to this season. Freeman seemed to possess the ability to stretch a field both through the air and on the ground in a way that should have made him a reliable weekly fantasy option.

But that hasn’t been the case. Freeman looks lost. He possesses the talent to produce a big game any given Sunday, but I just don’t feel comfortable starting him even against easier matchups because he’s been just so inconsistent.

Of course, in dynasty leagues, you need to stash him knowing he has the potential to turn things around over the course of the next year or two. But in redrafts, I’m looking to move him after he hammers out a big week.

Sell high: Mark Sanchez, NYJ. If anyone would have suggested to me that Sanchez would be a top 10 fantasy QB this year, I would have laughed. I still would, despite Sanchez’s current ninth-place position on the fantasy QB scorers list after seven weeks.

Of course, he has yet to have his 2011 bye (coming this weekend), but there is little doubt that Rex Ryan wants the Jets to be a run-first team, even if he has to hammer a square peg into the round hole. Shonn Greene has shown some signs of life recently, and if that continues, expect the Jets to become even more conservative moving forward.

Sell high: Matthew Stafford, DET. It isn’t that we didn’t expect Stafford to produce huge numbers. I did and still do. I just don’t feel totally certain that he can complete a full season without injury. I’d like to believe so, but he’s already showing signs of wear and tear and we have a large part of the season to go.

Again, like Freeman, I wouldn’t look to move Stafford in a dynasty league, but I would consider moving him for a more proven non-injury threat such as a Philip Rivers (see above) or any of the other big-named QBs that have proven they can produce consistently.

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