4 Unrealistic but Totally Awesome College Football Super Conferences

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4 Unrealistic but Totally Awesome College Football Super Conferences
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In the spirit of college football conference shuffling, let's start over. Let's throw everything out.

Let's begin by throwing out the absolutely ridiculous multimillion-dollar television deals. We need all the money to be equal before we start making super conferences.

While we're throwing stuff out, academics can leave too. Some schools hold on with a death grip to a particular conference based on academic prestige, when their school doesn't belong in said conference.

Lastly, let's throw out conference ties. And don't freak out yet—I'll make sure the rivalries are still intact.

Here are the new guidelines for each conference:

Each conference will have 16 teams. Conferences will be split into four "divisions."

Teams will play each team in their division once and two teams from each of the other divisions for a total of nine regular-season games.

The winner of each division after the regular season will enter into a four-team playoff for the conference title.

Once we have a conference champion for each of the super conferences, a "Final Four" will commence to crown a national champion. What do you think of that for a playoff system?

Now that the ground rules are set, let's begin.

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