NCAA Approves Major Scholarship Change: Spending Money for Student Athletes

Caileb FeikContributor IOctober 27, 2011

NCAA president Mark Emmert
NCAA president Mark Emmert

Recruiting can be a rigorous process for college coaches. With all the competition and scandals, it can almost be overwhelming at times, but the NCAA has just made major rule changes to the process.

College coaches across the country will now have a new tool in their bag when recruiting student athletes. The Division I board of directors approved the option for conferences to allow $2,000 of spending money to athletes as a part of their scholarship. This is said to more accurately cover the cost of college. In the past, college scholarships only covered tuition, room and board, books and fees.

Participation in college sports is a job in itself. Even during the off-season, most teams have daily workout sessions in order to prepare for the next season. With the workload that most college courses bring in addition to athletics, the option for employment is impractical in many cases.

While major universities may not have an issue granting the extra money, it could put the smaller schools in a recruiting bind. The perk of spending money will no doubt be a major factor when a recruit decides which college to attend.

It is highly unlikely that the NCAA will approve a “pay to play” option in the near future. They are; however, taking a step to resolve a longstanding controversial issue.

The conferences will decide whether or not to adopt the new option. While the BCS qualifying conferences will likely approve, it will be interesting to see which of the smaller conferences disapprove.

Additionally, schools will have the option to offer multi-year scholarships rather than just on an annual basis.