UFC 137 Fight Card: Mirko Cro Cop's 5 Greatest Headkick Knockouts

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2011

UFC 137 Fight Card: Mirko Cro Cop's 5 Greatest Headkick Knockouts

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    Mirko Cro Cop has faced everybody from Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to Fedor Emelianenko. Come Saturday night he faces Roy Nelson in possibly the last fight of his career.

    The end to a great career like Cro Cop's brings to mind all the good times we've had with him. From his epic knockouts to his failures that make us all wish and hope the best for him in his next fight.

    As someone who loves kickboxing, his highlight reel headkicks are by far my favorite knockouts ever. Here they are Mirko Cro Cop's top headkick knockouts.

Bob Sapp at K-1 Saitama GP 2003

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    OK, so technically this doesn't count. Honestly though no matter what list I make of Cro Cop knockouts this would have to be included.

    I mean honestly is there anything better than this? "The Incredible Bulk," Bob Sapp is literally crying from how much pain he is in.

    On top of that, it made me think of this scene from The Longest Yard. What makes that clip even funnier is that is Bob Sapp breaking his nose. It's OK, I'll give you a couple minutes to regain your composure from laughing too hard before you go onto the next slide.

Wanderlei Silva at Pride Final Conflict Absolute

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    In the 2006 Pride Open-Weight Grand Prix semi-finals, Cro Cop faced off against Wanderlei Silva and produced the last great Cro Cop headkick knockout we've seen.

    Just like the title of the video, Cro Cop destroyed Silva en route to the finals where he eventually beat Josh Barnett.

    The Dragonball Z is a nice touch and somewhere TUF 14 contestant, Marcus Brimage is proud of the usage of Dragonball Z.

Igor Vovchanchyn at Pride Total Elimination 2003

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    In MMA, this was Cro Cop's first big highlight reel headkick knockout.

    Cro Cop had just beaten Heath Herring two months earlier and now, in his eighth fight, was getting closer to the top of the heavyweight mountain.

    A little bit later, Igor was on the ground staring at the top of the stadium wondering where he was and whether the year was 1978.

Ricky Nicholson at K-1 Braves 1999

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    I'm biased towards kickboxing since I love kickboxing and love to train in it. So here at the almost end of the list is Cro Cop's fourth professional kickboxing fight.

    This was just as brutal as they come. It's a wonder that fans in the first row weren't fighting over Nicholson's head to bring home as a souvenir.

    It was a tough choice between this and the final slide as both are such devastating knockouts. What we would all do to see the 25-year-old Cro Cop fighting today.

Alberto Del Rio at Pride Bushido 1

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    In MMA, for every Brock Lesnar there are two other professional wrestlers who couldn't make anything in MMA. We're looking at you Bobby Lashley and Alberto Del Rio.

    This makes the top spot just out of sheer awesomeness and hilarity this fight brings.

    I mean really Del Rio? A Lucha Libre mask? I understand that's your background and everything but looking at it now it only makes us laugh.

    On top of that, Cro Cop made him sit down only using one headkick.

    "My name is Alberto Del Rio and I just got knocked out."

    This makes me wonder if he drove up to the ring in a nice convertible and had his own personal announcer.

    OK, I'll stop with the Del Rio jokes.


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