Toronto Maple Leafs Amblng Down to Buffalo On the Way To The Cup

Graeme BoyceCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

You'd think prior to the Leafs' clobbering of the Islanders on Monday, the team boasting Doug Weight and Bill Guerin would be in fact fighting for a playoff spot, at least. 

I can't deny that I'm all over Jeremy Williams, and he needs to stay with this team. 

It can't get any worse.  So, luckily, the Leafs are shuffling off to Buffalo on Friday, as there's no other arena that boasts more Leafs fans, including the ACC on most nights, given their incredible home record this year. 

Okay, the ACC might actually accomodate more fans, by quantity, but it's debatable whether they're louder than the team's fans who show up in Buffalo.

I'm not one to muster support for a tandem, but I think Williams and Jason Blake might have started a roll here.  I was thinking about this while watching Williams' goal (such a thing of beauty). This was a snapshot wrister combo over a flailing goalie and into the top corner. I was wondering when the next great Leafs tandem will be upon us.

Oh yeah.  Antropov and Poni.  How could I forget our ever-threatening twin towers? 

Sifers and White?  I thought Sifers gave a pretty good pre-game interview.  After, I wondered if that's a serious benefit of relocating the Marlies to Toronto - no offense to my newfie friends - a significant increase in media exposure.

Hollweg was thundering the other night.  Nice to see someone playing with some real energy and, dare I mention, passion.  I thought coming up Deveaux might play with a bit more intensity, and he showed potential, but I'm really hoping he makes an impact in Buffalo. I mean that in the sense of a really solid hit, or even a solid fight, but most importantly a solid goal. 

Okay, on to Buffalo.  I'm thinking Stempniak needs to step up, and he's most likely feeling some pressure in the dressing room, so I predict a goal on Friday.  It's a given that Williams will score, and I think Moore will put one in too.  I was thinking what can possibly go wrong, but then our goaltending game to mind.

In the "who's to go first" sweeps, btw, I predict Kaberle.  Then Toskala in a blockbuster multi-player swap.