Tampa Bay Buccaneers Make Startling Discovery: They Need to Fix Josh Freeman

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IOctober 27, 2011

Josh Freeman's game needs some fixin' (Getty images)
Josh Freeman's game needs some fixin' (Getty images)Marc Serota/Getty Images

Wow, you have to hand it to Raheem Morris—nothing gets past this guy.

In a total Homer Simpson moment, the Buccaneer coaching staff has discovered what ails this 4-3 team of theirs.

They have to fix Josh Freeman.


Double D'oh!!

You have to hand it to these guys—Vince Lombardi would be proud. They've figured it out and they've come to the extraordinary conclusion that Freeman's been playing like a pile of week-old poop.

Makes you wonder how many hours of game video they had to watch to come to that startling conclusion.


Mind you this is supposed to be the same Josh Freeman we saw last year, the guy who threw for 25 touchdowns and only six interceptions.

Amazingly, it only took Lt. Columbo, er, Morris, seven weeks to figure out that Josh is flat-out stinking it up compared to 2010. For crying out loud, he's got seven touchdown passes and 10 picks.

Hey guys, we need to fix Josh Freeman!

So that's what McGarrett and Danno, er, Morris and QB coach Alex Van Pelt have figured out.

Talk about great detective work—nothing gets past these guys.

This is amazing and it's so very comforting.

What will be even more amazing is how to accomplish this during this bye week. The good news is that Freeman won't throw a single interception come Sunday.

It will be even more amazing if they can do it without the team on hand. You see, Wednesday was the last day of practice and teams are required to give their fellas as least four straight days off in the bye weeks and the Bucs have done one better—the team has five days in a row to do whatever they please. They won't be back on the field until next Tuesday.

Will someone please keep Aqib Talib under lock-and-key?

Other than Talib, you trust the guys will simply go wherever they want and decompress from that Stinkfest in London last week.

This should be an easy fix, shouldn't it?

Let's see, the problem(s) with Freeman are so simple. He is guilty of:

1. Throwing into double-coverage.

2. Throwing into triple-coverage.

3. Staring at Kellen Winslow and throwing to him when he's really covered.

4. Making crappy decisions.

5. Failing to take off and get a few yards for a first down when it's right there in front of him.

6. Looking confused in the red zone.

7. Looking confused outside the red zone.

8. Looking like a deer in the headlights.

9. Getting sacked again, and again and if that's not enough, again.

That should just about cover it.

The Sherlock Holmes' of One Buccaneer Place also think Josh is throwing off his back foot too often.


All of this should provide great comfort for the ensuing three weeks when our band of merry men head to New Orleans, face Houston here then venture up to Green Bay for a dose of fall weather and a heavy dose of Aaron Rodgers.

Pretty comforting, isn't it?

Now what the Raheem Morris Detective Agency forgot in all of this is they also need to find a way to run the football.

When the Bucs rush for 100 yards or more this season, they have won. When they rush for less than 100 yards or more this season, they have lost.

Yeah, fix Freeman, and don't worry about the stupid penalties that have plagued this team. And don't worry about the running game.