Dan Mullen Named Next Mississippi State Coach: But What About Florida?

Justin ThomasContributor IDecember 10, 2008

Dan Mullen will be announced as the 32nd head football coach at Mississippi State on Wednesday.  Terms of the deal have not yet been publicized.

Mullen served as the quarterbacks coach in Utah and followed Urban Meyer to Florida to serve as the offensive coordinator.

He will bring his explosive and wide-open offense to the defensive-minded Southeastern Conference—a definite reason for Mississippi State's interest.

It has not been determined whether he will coach in the National Championship with Florida. 

This could present a problem for the Gators as Mullen has captained the SEC's most prolific offense this year.  Florida fans would love to see him finish off the year with another solid coaching performance over quarterback Tim Tebow and the offense.

What if he does not coach in the big game?

It worries me if he does not.  There is plenty of time to game plan for such a circumstance, but it would be nice to see Mullen in the blue and orange one more time.

What do you all in GatorNation think?

Share your thoughts on the loss of Mullen to Mississippi State, thoughts on coaching the big game, etc.