WWE: Why Michael Cole Is The Greatest Announcer We Have Seen In Years

Sam WatkinsCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2011

The self-proclaimed "voice of the WWE" has developed quite a reputation in recent months.

He is annoying, egotistical and delusional. In other words, Michael Cole is the perfect heel.

For years we have had the casual commentator, but it is has been quite some time since we've seen someone like Michael Cole—in fact, we have never seen a commentator like Michael Cole.

Unlike most, I find Michael Cole's antics hilarious, simply because they are so ridiculous and unbelievable. When a commentator is clearly biased, and makes the stupidest comments, I can't help but laugh.

WWE has gone to new heights with the Michael Cole character, and his reign of annoyance does not look to be ending soon. Michael Cole is so annoying, it is hilarious.

WWE is aware of what they are doing with Michael Cole, and he is one of the few things they are currently doing right.

Most WWE fans find things like photoshopping Jim Ross's head on the body of a fat person to be stupid, but I say it is brilliant.

Michael Cole's commentary skills may not be top-notch, but he is without a doubt one of the most hated WWE heels in recent history. Who else in WWE is as hated as Michael Cole right now? Nobody.

The Michael Cole character is genius, and I hope he stays on WWE TV for a long time. Maybe one day he will even be elected into the WWE Hall Of Fame!

Can you imagine his induction speech? Neither can I, but I am certain we will be seeing it one day.